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by seanbeansshako



draGoon Hussars and Artillery Crew at work during a HISTORICAL BATTLE (Battle of Jena-Auerstedt) (28/5/2012):
[URL=]Round 1 of 4[/URL] captured by draGoon Bhodi.

The Battle of Many Maps (29/5/2012):
Small scale barely hundred aside line infantry only battle, noble draGoon Prussian peasants take on the bulk of the Imperial Russian Army. Half of us die horribly. A flag is captured. Recorded by draGoon Bhodi. All rounds condensed to the best stuff. Watch [URL=]here.[/URL]

Heavy and Light British draGoon action in The Battle Of Whats Up My Kilt Baby (1/6/2012):
Bhodi recording some cav on mostly cav action (mostly fighting good ole’ BAB) with snippets of draGoon Black Watch line infantry action. [URL=]Round 1 of 2 here.[/URL]

The Battle of The New Babby Line:
[URL=]Both old and new draGoon French line infantry on the field during the replacement line infantry only battle for saturday (9/6/2012).[/URL] Recorded by Cynical Tyrant.

Quite good French draGoon artillery fighting the Monday Historical Line Battle of Salamanca (11/6/2012) [URL=]Round 1[/URL] of several recorded by Grey Hunter.

The Battle of Boobie Hill (recorded via Haggis cam! (12/6/2012):
[URL=]draGoons take up the kilt and the bagpipe under the leadership of manly man Lady Gaga as Black Watch line infantry in this battle recorded by Cynical Tyrant. [/URL]

The Battle of OH GOD SO MANY AUSTRIANS! (Recorded by Grey Hunter 17/6/2012):
[URL=]French Line Infantry goons led by Gaga doing what I’d like to call mobile defensive tactics. Part 1 of 3.[/URL]

The Battle of HORSEKRIEG UND KANNONBLAST (recorded by primelaw 26/6/2012): The combined efficient forces of Goon Artillery and Cav crushed all pubbies in their wake in this glorious battle. Brave men lead, get drunk, use horses for cover and die. A must watch. [URL=]Part 1 of several.[/URL]

The Battle of Oceansville AKA draGoons at sea! (Recorded by primelaw on the 2/7/2012) large boats explosions loads of cannons balls is what you’d see with Master And Commander. This is a slightly insane little battle where small groups of men comandeer rowboats and shoot at each other across the ocean. Contains horribly soggy goons. [URL=]Watch it here.[/URL]

The Battle of the Ice Blobs (recorded by Grey Hunter 16/7/2012): Most of the draGoons get the role of French Light Infantry and supported by the elite Goon Artillery with some pretty successful offensive and defensive actions during this snowy Monday Historical Line Battle. [URL=]Round 1 of 6.[/URL]

The Battle of OH GOD SO MUCH BLOOD and Tiny Desert Island (recorded by Endman 21/7/2012): A highlight reel of the better moments of this battle in slightly hilly grasslands and one of the most insanely well defendable positions I have ever seen thrown up by random map generation. Contains scenes of mass goon on cannon ball violence. Watch it [URL=]here.[/URL]

[URL=]The Siege of Fort Romney[/URL] (recorded by Nitevision 21/7/2012) supported by draGoon artillery under the command of Captain Phantom Zero noble draGoon Forlorn Hope line charge and in multiple attempts breach and eventually seize this fort in a bloody battle of the ages during a Saturday KRB Siege battle.

[URL=]The Defence of Fort Obama[/URL] (recorded by Grey Hunter 21/7/2012) under siege by the dastardly pubbies outside noble draGoon Polish line infantry must try and keep the barbarians from the gate and off our cannons by lining up on the walls.

The Battle of FIZZLE FO’ SHIZZLE (recorded by Cynical Tyrant)22/7/2012) Austrias greatest hope the draGoons fight with courage and conviction against the odds during this NEC friday line battle. Watch this digitally recorded courage right [URL=]here.[/URL]

The Battle of THE SHACK and minor skirmish #3242424 (recorded by Endman 22/7/2012) SAdraGoons in the field during a regular [URL=]conquest line battle event[/URL] and the rather out of nowhere thrown together [URL=]skirmish of a line battle[/URL] that followed. We event got the hilariously painful half assed [URL=]gimmick round[/URL] at the end too!

[URL=]Battle of Waterloo 2: WATERLOO HARDER[/URL] (Also, [URL=]scuffle in the desert[/URL] the direct to DVD sequal!)(28/7/2012) filmed by Endman who leads us with Maguro we march for glory but get our butts handed to us several times gloriously back!

[URL=]Battle For Goon Fort! Part 1 of 2:[/URL](recorded by Endman 6/8/2012) During this Friday NEC line battle draGoon Artillery and their loyal Grenadier guard unit dish out the pain and hold the ground of the holy sandbag fort on goon hill.

[URL=]The Great Russian Mutiny and Battle for Redemption![/URL] NEC Friday line battle filmed by Endman (10/8/2012): A story of betrayl and eventually over coming the odds!  Featuring abrupt leadership changes, ridiculous melee and some last-stand hillcamping. Part 1 of 2.

[URL=]Siege of Boom Town[/URL] and [URL=]Battle of Empty Field![/URL] filmed by Endman during the IIIe line battle on the 10/11/2012. Two parts.

[URL=]MAGURO/YUMMYDEADCOWS RILFLES[/URL] and the battle of [URL=]Lots of Dudes In Two Locations[/URL] filmed by Endman on the 11/11/2012 two parts. Goons take on the silly hat of the 95th Rifle and fight one of the best battles I’ve personally over seen against those tenacious white wearing blue pants strutting Austrians!

[URL=]Duke Dickbutts 1st Anniversary Line Battle feature reel! (29/11/2012 recorded by Endman):[/URL] Featuring pogoing Napoleonic era soldiers, decent small goon line on line violence and the experiment known as Pistol draGoon line. Contains scenes of graphic mass bag piping.

[URL=]Goon Line Battle: RETREAT TO VICTORY! (11/12/2012 recorded by Endman):[/URL]
A brief compilation of our ‘better’ moments as Prussian Riflemen skirmishing in a Friday American line battle. Contains scenes of nudity and big flag theft.

[URL=]Goon Line Battle: Revenge Of The Blood!12/12/2012 recorded by Endman):[/URL]
draGoon Artillery Battery and Elite Cannon Guard face the wrath of the angry pubbie scrubs trying to kill them and steal their cannons. Watch the successes and failures all at once!

[URL=]Napoleonic Christmas Highlights: Battle for the end of the year! (18/12/12 recorded by Endman):[/URL]

Final big scale line battle of 2012, we see goons holding the line and handing tight pant covered buttock to the other team. Guest star, me as that really average Napoleonic officer that gets killed constantly. Contains scenes of Woop murder, awesome team work using voices comms and shooting the enemy honourably in the back.

[URL=]Early January Napoleonic Wars Highlights: Blood Bath 1813! (recorded by Endman)[/URL]

Footage from several American line battles for the first week of January. Includes a bridge really too far, musket head shots and Goons being sniped by Muskets!

[URL=]Mid January 2013 Napoleonic Wars Highlights: The Chubby Red Line! (recorded by Endman)[/URL]

draGoons take to the field as British light infantry and Russian Riflemen and do what they do best (dying and getting off some lucky ass shots). Featuring Napoleonic Officer micro management, a sudden tragic death of the music and lots of cussing. Poop!

[URL=]SAdraGoons May 1st Anniversary Battle Antics Compendium ! (recorded by Endman)[/URL]

Comedy highlights of some our line battles in the month of May 2013! Excessive violence against birds, suicidally glorious charges and some phat beats all included.

[URL=]Mid June Artillery Adventure: Artillery Harder! (recorded by Endman)[/URL]

Cursed Russian telescopes, amazing artillery kill streaks and we all learn something special about the opposing team (somebody on there is a password leaking fun hating dick!)

[URL=]Battle Of GOON RUSH! Part 1[/URL],[URL=] part 2[/URL] and [URL=]part 3[/URL] (recorded by Pantaloons)

A good turn out for an otherwise quiet line battle, Ghost Dad is remembered spiders are feared and we gloriously choke up the barrels of enemy cannons with our corpses.

[URL=]Late June 2013 Highlights! recorded by Endman[/URL]

draGoons doing what we do best (dying in droves/getting killed by cannons/sassing back and accidentally fragging our officers) in both Napoleonic Wars and a little bit of Blood And Iron too. Oh, and we even sail a little rowboat!

[URL=]Sunday Line Battle: Calisthenics Are Very Important! (recorded by Pantaloons)[/URL]

Russian Rifle draGoons learn the importance of a good stretching regime and then have a disagreement with enemy lancers over such an issue.

[URL=]Encrypt Monday Line Battle: We’re Getting The Band Back Together Part 1![/URL] [URL=]Part 2[/URL] and [URL=]Part 3[/URL] (recorded by Pantaloons)

Inspired by some rocking flute tunes a line of new and old school draGoons wreck a battlefield as Prussian Landwehr. Austrian soldiers are horribly wrecked, birds are shot at and flags are captured. No Artillery Horses were hurt during the filming of this battle.

[URL=]July NW Event Highlights: filmed by endman![/URL]

People praise Pants as an officer, despite him not being utterly dead yet the tenants of the bird religion is discussed and we still all cannot take on one dude with a bayonet without some disaster happening. Also, some muskets are shot and people in colorful uniforms drop down dead.

Battle Of The Seven Flags [URL=]Part 1[/URL] [URL=]of[/URL] [URL=]about[/URL] [URL=]four:[/URL] recorded by Pantaloons!

draGoons fighting for King George over the hills and far away discover the true meaning of life in the internet reenactment group, the history of the IHOP and the fact that sometimes there is a thing as too many flags and or band pipes. Now in lush green European woodland and sandy desert flavours!

General Pantsazov War Correspondent And His Amazing Riflegoons Fighting The British: filmed by Pantaloons.

[URL=]Part 1[/URL]
[URL=]Part 2[/URL]
[URL=]Part 3[/URL]
[URL=]Part 4[/URL]
[URL=]Part 5[/URL]

Once again filmed with advanced 19th century technology we see through the one clockwork eye of the great War Correspondent Pantaloons. It turns out that even working with cursed telescopes and narcoleptic soldiers the rifles of Duke Dickbutt can still shoot man or bird (mostly bird) with ease half the time. It also turns out that some enemy soldiers have no fire discipline and an old man with a wig riding a horse about is enough for them to shoot their guns wildly into the air. War is a funny thing like that.

Austrian draGoon Rifles Big Day Out! filmed by Pantaloons.

A smaller scale line battle, we get Austrian Rifles. The enemy gets some bad numbers. We slightly go over the limit but press on hoping the admin can do something to fix that. Things happen, including misplaced rifles, bad references to a certain movie and dudes being shot.

We also switch to Austrian line infantry so we don’t like too big jerks in the 2nd half.

[URL=]Part 1,[/URL] [URL=]Part 2[/URL] and [URL=]Part 3[/URL] all here on the YouTube!

The Battle of Polish Pipe Music! filmed by Pantaloons.

[URL=]Part 1,[/URL] [URL=]Part 2,[/URL] [URL=]Part 3,[/URL] [URL=]Part 4[/URL] and [URL=]Part 5![/URL]

Slipping into our favourite custard yellow and blue uniforms of the Polish Legion for France we bring more fifes than drums and suffer the consequences of patriotic music drilling into our collective brains. We also discuss a little about HISTORY and suffer some cav envy with the Russians as their cavalry seem a bit more switched on. Contains scenes of 19th century goon on goon violence execution style.

[URL=]The Peoples Line Militia Strikes Back![/URL] [URL=]Part 2[/URL] and [URL=]Part 3[/URL] all filed by Pantaloons.

Armed with nothing but a tiny hatchet and a short musket a line of the peoples militia crewed by brave draGoons attempt to hold off the Prussians by shooting vaguely at them. Featuring sexy but impractical maneuvering as everyone in the battle is too scared to go beyond minimum musket range. Discussion wise we slam the Spanish Royal Family of the 17th century. Eventually we all evolve into Russian Foot Guard for bayonets.

[URL=]March of the Poopensoldatz![/URL] [URL=]Part 2,[/URL] [URL=]And Part 3[/URL] Filmed by Pantaloons.

An oddly lucky night for us draGoons, as we were given Skirmishers AND Artillery later in the battle. We sweep the field much to our more static allies annoyance as light infantry and shoot some dudes. Then splitting up, some draGoons work on supporting the rest of the Austrian army with the deadly feared draGoon battery of death. May contains overly excited Crasscrab yelling stuff.

[URL=]The Great Russian Partizani Siege Battle![/URL] filmed by Pantaloons.

draGoons try the poorly armed but well motivated Russian partizans in both attacking and defending some fortresses. Much talk of pizza, ass forking and hilariously to our surprise pubbie ass kicking contained inside.

[b]North And South:[/b]

[URL=]The Battle For Santas Grotto Highlights ( 20/12/12 recorded by Endman):[/URL]

Our first proper North And South line battle, Goons fighting for the sexy 69th of the Union struggle hard to fight on the snowy fields of Alaska to free the slaves from the bloody CSA loving hands of Santa Claus. Behold the power of the bayonet as we all realise why soldiers in NW keep the damn things on and other hilarious incidents.

[URL=]Early January North And South draGoon Highlights: General, I have no goons left![/URL]

Skirmishing in the trees against Confederate militia, Pants infamous stand at Pants rock, bloody charging the Yankee cannons and the infamous Woop flag monument to the dead all feature in this heart pumping footage of men in uniforms running about. Also contains scenes of gravity hardcore Confederate anti gravity technology.

[URL=]Mid January North And South draGoon Highlights: Union draGoons Happy Adventures on DEATH MOUNTAIN![[/URL]

For the first time since [b]the incident[/b] draGoons take to the battlefield as Union cavalry. Chaos abounds as we fool the enemy with illusion of minor disorganization on the field. Be thrilled as a patriotic horse takes bloody revenge and quake in terror as the draGoons face the mightiest foe of DEATH MOUNTAIN.

[b]Blood And Iron:[/b]

[URL=]Deployment Of The French Hipster Freedom Squad! Part 1 (filmed by Pantaloons)[/URL]

The heroic Hipsters of France fight a bloody skirmish with a more determined long range foe over a nondescript slightly hilly field.

[URL=]Skirmish In Amsterdam! (filmed by Pantaloons)[/URL]

Once again as French Guerrilla fighters draGoons sample the delights of Amsterdam. But instead of ladies of the night and discount cultivated pot they get angry Prussians and boat rides of [b]DOOM[/b].

[URL=]Blood and Iron – Agriculture Simulator 1870 Part 1[/URL] and [URL=]Part 2[/URL] (filmed by Pantaloons)

A huge amount of Prussian Goon Soldaten storms across this obscenely huge field to bring the pain to cowardly trench hugging pubbies to the sound of Pants playing a Bugle. Old school draGoon officer TumorTime shows up and leads us for a bit and we all learn the organic way of redecorating a houses interior with our insides!

[URL=]Prussian Marines Special Boat Hyjinx In Amsterdam![/URL] (recorded by Pantaloons)

A fine adventure in the low waters of the Amsterdam canals. Confessions are made to not priests, draGoons accidentally fall off the boat and some dudes are shot.

[URL=]Barbara Bismarck And Her Prussian Sailor Suicide Squad![/URL]

Once again goons dress up as Prussian marines and crowd into a boat in Amsterdam hoping to conquer the filthy canal waters for the Koenig. Things of course do not exactly go to plan.

[URL=]Prussian draGoon Artillery Hijinx![/URL] [URL=]Part 2[/URL] and [URL=]Part 3![/URL] (recorded by Pantaloons)

During this battle with Blood and Iron draGoons get to play with the lethal top of the line breach loaded explosive firing Prussian Krupp guns! much spotting, squinting and hoping we’re blowing up the right dudes wearing blue ensures. Poor Yummy has to manage a group of bored draGoons with carbines and no ammunition conservation control. We also have a bloody last stand with the guns on top of a hill!

The Struggle For Frances Nameless Desert Province [URL=]Part 1[/URL] [URL=]Part 2[/URL] [URL=]Part 3[/URL] [URL=]Part 4[/URL] [URL=]Part 5[/URL] and [URL=]Part 6[/URL] recorded by Pantaloons.

Once again wearing the pointy helmet of the German Confederation draGoons find themselves slogging through the sands of a oddly bush heavy French desert led by SeanBeansShako and Desu. Death, glory and of course hilariously drawn out shoot outs follow. We then change climate to SNOW in the 2nd map and witness quite possibly the most inaccurate duel between two pubbies with firearms ever.




War and Peace (WARNING: All in Russian)

Non Fiction Documentaries

English Civil Wars of the 1640’s
US Mexico War of 1846
Battle of Boyne (Glorious Revolution)
Battle of Culloden (Jabobite Uprising)
The Crimean War
The Ottoman Siege of Vienna 1529
The 2nd Anglo-Boer War of 1899


Napoleon Total War
Empire Total War
Histwar Les Grognards
Europa Universalis 3 Complete
Cossacks 2 Back To War
Age of Empires III
Take Command: Second Manassas

Table Top Gaming!

Thats right, you can even play Napoleonic themed D&D now (thank you INTERNET!) with your close friends in real life.

Beat to Quarters (SEA BATTLES) and Duty And Honour (LAND BATTLES) rule books are both avaliable here to buy online in PDF from along with their background information fluff books.