by seanbeansshako


Q: OH FUUUUUUUUUUUU everything looks broken as shit!

A: Calm down. Chances are your download on STEAM is corrupted or you haven’t downloaded the latest update/version for Warband and NW if you don’t own it on STEAM. I suggest reinstalling it fixes this stuff.

Q: Godammit it won’t let me connect to a server! keeps kicking me back into the main menu a second after I do get in!

A: Welp, you got the dumb connection bug that arrived with the latest update. Congratulations. I want to punch the developers in the balls for this one too. You can only beat this by repeated attempts on getting on a server. Add whatever server you want to your favourites and just keep trying getting in.

Q: I go to the multiplayer browser, and it says there’s over 500 servers, but I can only see 20. What gives? MAKE THIS PIECE OF SHIT WORK!

A: OK. I’m going to assume you’ve forwarded port 7240 and 7241 on UDP/TCP. This increased my results from about 15 to thirty, so try it first.

In Users > <username> > Documents > Mount&Blade Warband is a file called “rgl_config.txt” Open it. Scroll down or ctrl+F and search for the setting “max_number_of_connections = #” Mine was set at 16 at default. Now, I lowered mine to 3, and VOILA I can currently load around 200-300 multiplayer games. I have no idea what the magic number will be for everyone else, but I got the best results with three. ALWAYS GO LOWER. Going higher for me just got me worse results.

Q: Ugh, why is it so sloooooooow?

A: Because it’s shit. You’re only allowing three connections at a time, so, yes, it’s going to take upwards of five to ten minutes to populate the server browser. Go make a sandwich or something. At least now you have a better chance of being able to do a line battle.

Q: Sometimes in mid game it briefly freezes and repeats two frames back and forth!

A: That stutter means your computer can’t really handle the heavy graphic settings you have the DLC set too. Turn some things down and some of the bling like HDR right off. Also, update your graphics drivers too.

Holy fuck that kill feed what is this 1995?!

Somebody obviously didn’t notice that in testing, at the moment we’ve got a goon made mod to deal with that.

Ra-amun posted:

Got a little tweak if you don’t like the size of the kill feed. Just open up font_data.xml located in the Data folder in your Warband directory and find the following at the top of the file.

<FontData width="2048" height="1024" padding="10" font_size="120" font_scale="100" line_spacing="70">

Tweak font_size and line_spacing. The settings above make it look like this:

It is a bit harder to make out some of the things in chat. I’m sure you can mess around with it to your liking though. Also parts of the UI doesn’t scale but it shouldn’t really break anything. I haven’t played around with it a ton so make sure to keep a backup just in case.