Weapon And Class Statistics!

by seanbeansshako

Musket-Shooting (Ex. used: russian musket 1808)
Accuracy: 75
Speed: 23
Shot speed: 250
Damage: 100 Piercing

Musket-Melee (Ex. used: French cav pistol)
Speed: 78
Length: 153
Damage: 45 Piercing

Pistol (Ex. used: russian musket 1808)
Accuracy: 25
Speed: 32
Shot speed: 250
Damage: 70 Piercing

Rifle-Shooting (Ex. used: russian rifle 1805)
Accuracy: 87
Speed: 18
Shot speed: 250
Damage: 100 Piercing

Rifle-Melee (Ex. used: russian rifle 1805)
Speed: 78
Length: 74
Damage: 28/24 Blunt (Swing/Thrust)

Cavalry Musket-Shooting (Ex. used: French dragoon musket)
Accuracy: 75
Speed: 25
Shot speed: 250
Damage: 100 Piercing

Cavalry Musket-Melee (Ex. used: French dragoon musket)
Speed: 80
Length: 76
Damage: 20/12 Blunt (Swing/Thrust)

Musketoon-Shooting (Ex. used: russian gusarskiy karabin)
Accuracy: 54
Speed: 18
Shot speed: 180
Damage: 70 Piercing

Musketoon-Melee (Ex. used: russian gusarskiy karabin)
Speed: 80
Length: 58
Damage: 20/12 Blunt (Swing/Thrust)

Sabre Briquet (Ex. used: French Briquet de la garde)
Speed: 95
Length: 77
Damage: 20/18 Cut/Piercing (Swing/Thrust)

Officer sabre (Ex. used: Imperial Guard Officer Sabre)
Speed: 95
Length: 97
Damage: 29/25 Cut/Piercing (Swing/Thrust)

Light Cavalry sabre (Ex. used: French Light cavalry sabre)
Speed: 93
Length: 100
Damage: 30/26 Cut/Piercing (Swing/Thrust)

Heavy Cavalry sabre (Ex. used: French Heavy cavalry sabre)
Speed: 91
Length: 110
Damage: 33/28 Cut/Piercing (Swing/Thrust)

Swords in general have a slight variation between factions.

Ranks and what they do:

Each Regiment has a rank structure that gives you a different model and weaponry/equipment set. Some of the equipment provides buffs all listed below.

Basic grunt, weapon is usually Musket with bayonet with ammo box of 30 cartridges and sabre briquet/short sword depending on the army and regiment selected.

Armed with cutlass if Prussian/French/Russian/British and the colors or a color lance if your cavalry. Ensigns give out the reload time buffs. Limited either to 2 a regiment or unlimited depending on server settings.

Flintlock pistol with eight cartridges and a broadsword as well as the vital telescope for spotting. Captains give all their men accuracy buffs. Limited either to 2 a regiment or unlimited depending on server settings.

Musician AKA Drummer/Flautist/Bugler/Cornet player/Bagpiper:
Cutlass and your instrument to play on the battlefield. Skirmishers and Cav get silly war trumpets! (Bugles/cornets). Musicians have buffs with their instruments that give melee bonuses to line and speed movement bonuses to cav and light infantry. Limited either to 2 a regiment or unlimited depending on server settings.

draGoon Social Anathema did some digging about with the stats and bonuses of each regiment and rank gets and the results are quite interested to read.

So I did some digging in the troops.txt after trying to figure out how all the regiments differ in terms of troop stats, and I found a few interesting facts.

Infantry officers and musicians are statistically worst than rankers except for thirty points in 1h weapons, usually. This really shows when the 95th Rifles NCO has only has 50 points in gun skill compared to a rifle ranker’s 206 (and explains why I couldn’t hit shit when I was playing a NCO.) This is NOT the case with Cavalry officers and musicians, however, who are just as good as the rankers at fighting. Long story short, if you want to actually fight on foot, pick a ranker. If you want to stand around and yell at people/play amazing grace to buff people, pick a musician.

Foot Guards are basically the same as Line Infantry, except they have a 15 point edge in bayonet fighting. The Black Watch have 500 skill in two handed, which I assume is a Braveheart joke. I think you can try stealing a sapper axe though.

Light Infantry and Rifle regiments have a gun skill of 206, but they suffer heavily in melee. I can’t figure out how they run fast, as they share the same athletics score as everyone else, but I think do somehow run faster and it’s not just me.

Hussars have the best one handed sword skill in the game at 150, however, they use light horses which kind of go down like paper.

Lancers are the only cavalry with polearm skill, but the rankers are pretty bad at using their swords with a one handed skill of 50. The officers have a one handed skill of 130 though, so no worries there.

Dragoons (The kind that actually carry guns, not unarmored heavy cavalry like the Brits’ non-light dragoons) are all rounders, having 110 in one handed, and 125 in shooting, but they have one less point in riding compared to all the other cavalry.

I can’t tell the advantage of unarmored heavy cavalry like the British Dragoons and Horse Guards, but I think they have the heavy cavalry sabers and heavy horses to make up for it. They have 130 in one handed, so they’re slightly worse hussars with more health I guess?

Cuirassiers (as in, the guys who are armored heavy cavalry) have four points in iron flesh to represent their armor as well as have heavy horses and sabers.