The Armoury: A Basic Guide To The Guns And Tools Of NW

by seanbeansshako

Muskets, Flintlock Pistols and Bayonets:


In the Napoleonic era the main weapon of any army was the musket, as it provides perfect balance between melee and ranged combat.
Muskets provide a decently accurate shot on range and are equipped with a deadly bayonet for when the fight gets personal.

Muskets in the DLC are pretty much the king of this battlefield. The bayonet mounted on them is as lethal as the ball you fire and will instant kill most of the time depending where you aim at. Musket balls when fired have a percentage of missing randomly the longer the shot. The Reload time is around 10 seconds from firing which can be shorted slightly by a buff. If your interrupted halfway through a reload you will continue it when you return to it. Musket ammunition us usually thirty cartridges.

Cav and light infantry will have the option of a cav musket with is essential without bayonet but has a second knocked off of its reloading time.

Bayonets attached to the end of your musket can only attack in thrusts, the overhead attack being slower but powerful enough to one hit kill if timed right.

Flintlock Pistols are Officer sidearms and are notoriously inaccurate and best used for close range engagements before closing in. They have the ammunition of eight musket balls.

Short swords, sabers and broadswords:

vzyd6vmhu3qhThe gentleman’s way of warfare, swords and sabres always come in handy in the thick mist of cannon and gun smoke. Officers carry swords, riflemen use a shorter blade for self-defense, and cavalrymen slice throats with terrifying sabres.

Sabers, cutlasses and broadswords of the DLC can attack and block in all four directions and are the most flexible thing to wield if you like to fight in melee. Sabers are usually issued to mounted cav and are the only swords limited to slash attacks with no thrusts while the officers and heavy cav get the most superior versions of one of mankinds mostly deadly well known weapons.

Like muskets there are many individuals models for the DLCs short swords. Light Infantry and Riflemen as well as Officers, Ensigns and band members are usually armed with swords but sometimes Grenadiers and elite regiments of line and foot may also carry a sword sidearm.


The obvious tool of choice for the Rifleman, is the newly invented musket rifle. With three times the range the default muskets have but with a slightly longer reload time and no bayonet the Rifle is perfect for the ultimate early sniper. Riflemen are usually armed with a short sword for melee defense but if all else fails they can reverse their weapons with X and club a man to death if needs be.



The musketoon is a shorter barreled version of the musket, and served in the roles of a shotgun or carbine. Firing shot in short range cone instead of a musket ball in a line these guns are perfect for the ride by attacks as mounted dragoons or the luckiest weapon a Russian conscript or light infantryman can wield. Obviously no bayonet is included with these little beauties.



Lances are the weapons of choice for taking out enemies in one powerful charge. Ride headlong into an unaware regiment and watch them break at the tip of your lance. Beware of enemies getting too close though, the lance is too unwieldy to be useful if caught up in a close quarters.

You can couch with the lances but you cannon block with them. Anyone can use them and they usually are given to their obvious owners Lancers but switching to a one handed weapon causes them to be dropped. Lances work as long as there is momentum behind them.

Sapper/Pioneer/Engineers Axe

A two handed long reaching axe that Sappers spawn with, can be used for breaking down doors and enemy obstacles quickly as well as the Sappers own.

Other Weaponry

The Russian Partizans are a special regiment of serfs that just dropped whatever they were doing grabbed what they could and fled into the forests before the French Army got there. They are armed with old fashioned pikes, spears, hatchets, long axes, birch tree logs and branches, clubs, table legs, old fuse lock muskets, vodka bottles, scythes, sickles and pitchforks.

Artillery privates ramrods can also be used to defend themselves in melee situations along with their fuse lighters, Sappers shovels work as good killing tools and if all else fails everyone can use their own two hands.

Sapper Hammer and Shovel

The Hammer of the Sapper/Pioneer/Engineer is a handy thing that can be used to build up fortifications on map that can be used as cover, aerial denial or demolitions. The shovel can be used to dig mounds of dirt to use as cover and act as the foundation to a defensive emplacement with the hammers equipment.


The biggest baddest weapons on the battlefield, you may need a crew of two or three to use and spot with them but used correctly they can cause chaos and death in insane amounts. There are several different types of artillery and ammunition in Napoleonic Wars, all but one is exclusive to all armies of the DLC. Most of the artillery is portable by the use of a horse drawn frame players can spawn and ride with.


Field Cannons: These long barreled cannons are most well known on the field, these 9 pounders will do the job firing in a mostly straight line across a flat plain and can fire round shot and canister shot ammunition.


Howitzers: These short barreled cannons fire cannon balls in an arc instead of a straight line good for hitting the enemy hiding behind hills or other defenses. Fires explosive shrapnel and canister.


Mortar: The smallest and least portable of the artillery like the Howitzers they only fire in a arc and have just one type of ammunition but the most deadly. Mortars fire explosive shells that detonate on impact.


Rockets: Only available for the British these rockets are deadly but inaccurate things that can only fly in a straight line at short range before wheeling off course and either exploding harmlessly a mile away into a hill or right into your own guys. Their explosions however shower their targets with deadly shrapnel. Rocket Artillery men have 100 rockets on their person to use at this time.

Swivel guns: Mounted on the window sills of some buildings in maps, these defensive short ranged cannons are loaded with shot and can be destroyed if the window is taken out.

Naval Artillery: Mounted on the walls of the small fort and star fort of the siege maps these things are bigger meaner non mobile longer ranged versions of the field artillery. You can lose them if the wall they rest on is taken down.