SAdraGoons: History of the Gaming Group!

by seanbeansshako

Don’t Fire Until You See The Fat Around Their Eyes!


A little history first. This DLC was once a mod called Mount and Musket for Warband that until April 1st 2012 we all thought was pretty dead and was long overdue an update that needed to fix the melee and optimization issues that plagued the game. Instead it seemed the four guys working behind this thing were hired by Paradox and they pretty much remade the mod to DLC from the ground up in secret for several years. During its time between the mods release and now it has attracted a pretty unique and slightly spergy community who enjoy the odd mixture of early firearms and melee combat. Instead of clans they’ve formed regiments both fictional and non fictional and proceed to clique it up like the rest of the internet.

Now I was told about this mod by 2-bits and Zwobot in my early days with the Goons Total War group and wasn’t that much interested at first but after the failure that was RO2 some goons in the thread started talking in said thread about the mod showing interest in gathering up and playing together. Some names were thrown about and the first group was born named Lots Of Jolly Kavalry Men and the draGoons thread posted in Private Games Servers. The first handful of goons used the LLJK tag and our first banner was the Skull and Crossbones because fucking pirates thats why. Time passed, popularity steadily grew and after moving our TeamSpeak from the former Goon Warband one somebody suggested that they could PM the draGoon thread to be moved to games instead of private servers.

After the move, the population exploded and thanks to Ghost Dad and Stoic Commie we were allowed into the pubbies tree house to play these land battles. We also moved onto playing several Warband mods as well as non Warband games with quite a big population of pretty chill goons. We briefly toyed around with another banner before settling with the Red Dog banner and settling on the draGoon regiment tag too. Some of is burnt out on Mount and Musket for a few weeks before the announcement of the DLC due to the many issues with the mod and most of us have happily picked up the DLC and now we’ve chosen our 4th banner the Red Cock. We also have a group now just dedicated to playing NW but the draGoon group is open for all to join if you like playing varied Mount and Blade Warband mods with us.