Basic Features Guide For New draGoons!

by seanbeansshako

Hey how do I do (this) feature?

To pick a regiment and rank, using this screenshot as an example select one of what you want in the left hand corner regiment wise and the ranks at the bottom of the interface. You can pick cav and specialists like Sappers/Artillery using the tabs at the top. If the text if greyed out that means the server limit has been reached and you must wait or pick something else.

To turn off the meaningless nonsense in the text channels, press escape and find the mute player menu then scroll to the bottom and click the box at the bottom muting all.

To order your bots about in commander mode, the F1 F2 and F3 keys have commands for them.

Pressing X switches you from aiming your musket to preparing your bayonet. It also reverses your musket or rifle to club the enemy if you have no bayonet.

Pressing P takes you directly into 3rd person useful for melee fighting.

The tilde key which can be remapped when held gives you access to free look around the battlefield.

You can crouch with the Z key. You cannot walk however crouching. Said key can be remapped.

The C key unleashes a mighty war cry.

Right clicking once with your musket shoulders it it from the aiming mode.

To brace your bayonet against Cav, fix your bayonet and crouch quickly do not stab or move your bayonet go in 3rd person to see what the unique pose for braced bayonets is.

Press right mouse button to play with the instruments to open the menu and select the track. Click the tick box if you and your fellow goon want to play the same song together as a fancy pants band.

To walk you must press the shift key, press it again to switch back to run mode.

As a Sapper/Pioneer/Engineer you right click with your hammer out to open your build menu. You can build things depending on what build points the server gives you.

To destroy your built defenses smash them with your axe.

Hold down LMB and dig at grassy or muddy ground to create earth works. You can stack your defenses on the earth works.

Dropping weapons and equipment is G.

Hold F if you wish to use the outhouse or piano and hold it again to stop/get off.


Another thing I got from training today: Basically you can use your closed reticule as a sort of ghetto rangefinder. When your target appears smaller than about half of it, it’s basically out of effective range. When it’s bigger than the whole reticule, you can just aim straight at it. For all the ranges in between I’ve had some pretty good success with putting the bottom of the closed reticule at about mid-calf (usually where their boots end). It’s not completely exact but it seems to be a close enough approximation, as generally some of my shots went far while some others went short when I aimed like that. The random dispersion will make a bigger difference than a few minutes of angle up or down.

For illustration, take this shitty picture I made in Paint:


I’m more comfortable fighting in 3rd person but some of these dumb hats are blocking my shiny new reticule!

Worry not my friend, some nice fellow on the official NW forums has removed all plumes and feathers from several line infantry and cav regiments so you can shoot dudes in the faces without being in 1st person like a pro.

Simply download the file here and install! (PS: Keep the file as every update for the DLC will rewrite your files).


Yeah, they lost their charm in five minutes. You can find them in the sounds folder of the Napoleonic Wars module and just delete them or replace them with whatever you want of the same file type. You won’t miss nothing as Admin commands when used/abused spam pink text in the chatbox as a warning.


One of the key features of this DLC is the buffing mechanics introduced in an attempt to keep everyone together and enact some sort vague form of team work on pubbie servers. Musicians, Officers of all Regiments, Generals and Ensigns with their national and regimental flags all provided buffs with the range of 10 meters in the game engine. Below is an example picture of the basic buffs of the infantry.


The yellow one is the officers accuracy buff that beats down on the slight randomisation chance the musket ball has on longer ranges. The blue one is the reloading buff that knocks off a few seconds from the vital reloading time of your old guns. And the red one gives you a nasty edge when engaging in sword or bayonet melee. Light Infantry cornets and Bugles provide a green coloured buff that gives a minor boost to horse and leg speed and the dark purple Artillery Captains buff gives the Artillery ranker an increase in reloading the cannons. The final buff is the general buff which gives a 5% increase to any buffs in his radius. It is a lighter purple one with the hat.

Light Infantry appear to get a speed buff also from a standard.

Capturing the enemy standard will give you and your fellow soldiers that buff. Buffs can stack up the limit of two so you’ll be twice as efficient with two of each buff givers.

UGH THIS CROSSHAIR THOUGH! any alternatives?

Why yes there is. Some guy called PsykoOps modded the UI and cut away most of the stuff around the cross hair making it a minimized expanding and collapsing triangle instead and in my experience this makes shooting dudes with inaccurate guns slightly easier. To install it download the tiny tiny file from here, extract it somewhere, back up the original file for Warband in case you don’t like it and then replace that file with the new one in your Warband textures folder. Congratulations it works.