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Mount And Musket Era Screenshots and Videos

Just a small archive dedicated to the mod that spawned this DLC with some videos and screenshots of earlier draGoon antics

Videos on YouTube:

draGoons messing about in a Skirmish
Assload of Russians Defending a Fort During A Siege Event
Massed Line Battle Shoot Out
British Soldiers in line battle form square against French Cav


The Goon Mount and Musket Screenshot Album: Full size images of goons and pubbies fighting!



Client Side and Multiplayer NW Mods/Single Player Mount And Blade Mods



The default N&S cross hair is kinda odd, and since we’ve used it so much and gotten such good results with it we can just used the modified cross hair for NW for it! simply download the tiny file from here and put it in the Textures folder inside the N&S modules folder. Keep the file handy as you will have to replace it when the mod or NW updates.

draGoon dropbox alternate link for the crosshair is also right here!


Nurdbot (SeanbeansShako) has made a mod replacing a lot of the officer hats to bicorns. There are some exceptions where officers share hats with their rankers but a majority have changed to a bicorn style hat. This accentuates the difference between ranker and officer in a lot of cases as there have been complaints that the two look too similar.

You can find it here and all the files go into the Resources file in your Napoleonic Wars module:

Here are some examples of what to expect in each respective faction:






Here’s a little sneak preview of Cav hats!
1. British Light

2. Prussian Hussars

3. Prussian Lancers

Download here!

Optional Infantry only version!

draGoon Dropbox Edition of Both right here!

Spanish Army Replacement For Austria!

Not a fan of the Austrian Empire and their gaudy uniforms? think two German factions is a little boring? well your covered here. Download this mod and client side wise most of the Austrian stuff will be replaced with the late Napoleonic Army of Spain!

Download here.

Yes thats right, this thing will have a SDK which means we’ll get maybe more factions and other bang bang musket/early rifle shooty multiplayer mods for Warband we’ll also play to spice things up. Watch this space as when the SDK is dropped and developers get stuck in I’ll post what stuff they’ve created for your and our own entertainment.


This mod will be set 50 years after the Napoleonic Wars. The united states are divided in two factions!

The Union and the Confederate States of America. Both sides fight in the biggest war on the american continent: The American Civil War 1861-1865

The first version of this modification will feature the Battle of Manassas, which was the first big battle of the Civil War.
On July 21st, 1861 both armies clashed near Manassas junction and the river bull run. It should be the first and last battle of the war.

I would like to thank the secession team and its contributors for their cooperation, naming here Azrooh, Austro and Rigadoon for some of their fancy civil war stuff and support.
Beside that, credits go to berserkergang and Kopcap! Special credit goes to total war modder Primergy and his “North and South” mod for NTW.
A great cheer to the Second Carolina String Band and California State Fife and Drum Corps for their music contribution to turn the game into a deeper civil war atmosphere.


• Fight as one of the two combatants – the Union or the Confederacy!
• Many differences between factions while remaining balanced!


• At the battle of Manassas, uniforms in the army weren’t regular at all. Confederates troops in blue, New York regiments in grey. It was a very colorfull and mixed battle!
• A large amount of high-quality, historically accurate uniforms for each side!
• Many uniforms of famous regiments and brigades! Fight with the maltese cross of the 20th Maine on your kepi, in the uniform of the iron brigade, and many more!


• A large amount of high-quality, historically accurate uniforms for each side!
• A large variety of in-game banners for each side!


• A wide array of historically accurate weapons!
• Fight with smoothbore muskets, rifled muskets, shotguns, breechloaders, revolvers, and repeating rifles!
• There’s a good variety of swords to use as well!


• Firearms with realistic accuracy and damage!

Confederate States of America:


4th Alabama Infantry
33rd Virginia Vol. Infantry
11th Mississippi Vol. Infantry
1st Louisiana Infantry
7th Georgia Infantry
4th South Carolina Infantry


1st Virginia Vol. Cavalry


C.S. Engineer
C.S. Marine
Artillery Crew
High Command Staff

Federal Government of the United States of America:


2nd Maine Vol. Infantry
69th New York Infantry
79th New York “Cameron Highlanders” Infantry
1st Minnesota Vol. Infantry
14th Brooklyn
2nd Rhode Island Infantry

1st U.S. Cavalry


U.S. Engineer
U.S. Marine
Artillery Crew
High Command Staff


New units will enter the fight at Bull Run. Play with the New York Fire Zouaves, the famous 2nd Wisconsin or be a proud Marine.
If you don’t want a historical unit, feel free to take a random volunteer unit to join the fight!

– Added 7th Georgia Infantry
– Added CS Volunteer Infantry
– Added 11th New York Infantry
– Added 2nd Wisconsin Infantry
– Added 2nd Rhode Island Infantry
– Added the 1st Marines Infantry
– Added Confederate Music Corps and the Union Music Corps
– Removed all Musicans from the Regiments and move the uniforms to the new Music Corps

Other Stuff

– Added Fix/Unfix Bayonet option for Enfield/Springfield
– Added new Scene Objects for mappers
– Added new Maps
– Reworked some textures, graphics and screens
– Some new sounds for Fifer and Drummer
– New Piano music
– New voice replacements for many sounds (No more german voices for the union, new rebel yells)
– Lieutenant General unit added for the Confederate High Command class
– New Scout unit for cavalry
– New Color Bearer and Sergeant (with rank stripes and rifle) class for all units!
– Some new uniforms for the High Command Staff
– New regimental flags for various units
– New animations
– Officers spawn with a horse now. If you don’t need it, feel free to dismount at start!

The Updater

One of the main goals of the mod is to offer simple and fast updates for the community. We are also supporting historical line battle events with special maps, units or other props.

To get all this done, we created an own mod updater, which will be placed into your Module folder. Each player can check the current updates, mod news and if needed he can easily download the current patches and bugfixes from the main server.

So you don’t need to redownload a full mod version from different webpages, the updater will offer an easy way for you! One click and the new updates will be downloaded and installed automaticly.


Go to the Warband Modules folder, find North and South and look for the Updater shortcut there. Double click launch and update the mod from there. Don’t need to constantly download mod updates ever again!


Depending on if you bought your Warband from STEAM or another service you might encounter some issues. The Mod Developer himself has a guide for fixing this but read and follow it carefully step by step!

– Right click on Mount & Blade: Warband on steam and select view CD key.

Copy the Napoleonic Wars serial code or keep it open.- Click Start > Run
– Enter regedit, right click to open with administrative rights
– A new window will open, browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > MountAndBladeWarbandKeys
– Search the entry, serial_key_nw,
– If it doesent exist, make a string value with that name and enter your cd key there.
– make sure that the value is the same as your CD key. Also make sure that the key is separated correctly. Double click the entry and modify it until it is correct. Watch out for invisible spaces in the CD key.
– If you are done with that, close the Registry Window and start the installer, and have fun playing!

How do I fix bayonets in this?

The ‘b’ key. Yeah my world was rocked too!

Where did all the Musicians go?

Check the specialists tab. All the Musicians for both armies are located there.


.404 Main Installer Here

Patch up to .404 with this file if you already have the mod from past games!


Download the file and extract it to the Warband Modules folder, then simply look for the file inside the N&S module folder called NaS Updater and run that. Then your ready to play draGoon!

Then download this fix here and dump all the contents in the N&S Modules folder. Do NOT use the updater at all. If you still have the mod installed from when we last played it just upload the fixed update.

This update no longer takes away your legs.


In Progress:

L’Aigle (The best one, seriously late Napoleonic Wars)
Twilight of the Sun King (Baroque era,)
The Independence of Chile (late Napoleonic era South America Wars!) even has multiplayer.

Napoleonic Wars Media: Online Documentaries And ~Games~



draGoon Hussars and Artillery Crew at work during a HISTORICAL BATTLE (Battle of Jena-Auerstedt) (28/5/2012):
[URL=]Round 1 of 4[/URL] captured by draGoon Bhodi.

The Battle of Many Maps (29/5/2012):
Small scale barely hundred aside line infantry only battle, noble draGoon Prussian peasants take on the bulk of the Imperial Russian Army. Half of us die horribly. A flag is captured. Recorded by draGoon Bhodi. All rounds condensed to the best stuff. Watch [URL=]here.[/URL]

Heavy and Light British draGoon action in The Battle Of Whats Up My Kilt Baby (1/6/2012):
Bhodi recording some cav on mostly cav action (mostly fighting good ole’ BAB) with snippets of draGoon Black Watch line infantry action. [URL=]Round 1 of 2 here.[/URL]

The Battle of The New Babby Line:
[URL=]Both old and new draGoon French line infantry on the field during the replacement line infantry only battle for saturday (9/6/2012).[/URL] Recorded by Cynical Tyrant.

Quite good French draGoon artillery fighting the Monday Historical Line Battle of Salamanca (11/6/2012) [URL=]Round 1[/URL] of several recorded by Grey Hunter.

The Battle of Boobie Hill (recorded via Haggis cam! (12/6/2012):
[URL=]draGoons take up the kilt and the bagpipe under the leadership of manly man Lady Gaga as Black Watch line infantry in this battle recorded by Cynical Tyrant. [/URL]

The Battle of OH GOD SO MANY AUSTRIANS! (Recorded by Grey Hunter 17/6/2012):
[URL=]French Line Infantry goons led by Gaga doing what I’d like to call mobile defensive tactics. Part 1 of 3.[/URL]

The Battle of HORSEKRIEG UND KANNONBLAST (recorded by primelaw 26/6/2012): The combined efficient forces of Goon Artillery and Cav crushed all pubbies in their wake in this glorious battle. Brave men lead, get drunk, use horses for cover and die. A must watch. [URL=]Part 1 of several.[/URL]

The Battle of Oceansville AKA draGoons at sea! (Recorded by primelaw on the 2/7/2012) large boats explosions loads of cannons balls is what you’d see with Master And Commander. This is a slightly insane little battle where small groups of men comandeer rowboats and shoot at each other across the ocean. Contains horribly soggy goons. [URL=]Watch it here.[/URL]

The Battle of the Ice Blobs (recorded by Grey Hunter 16/7/2012): Most of the draGoons get the role of French Light Infantry and supported by the elite Goon Artillery with some pretty successful offensive and defensive actions during this snowy Monday Historical Line Battle. [URL=]Round 1 of 6.[/URL]

The Battle of OH GOD SO MUCH BLOOD and Tiny Desert Island (recorded by Endman 21/7/2012): A highlight reel of the better moments of this battle in slightly hilly grasslands and one of the most insanely well defendable positions I have ever seen thrown up by random map generation. Contains scenes of mass goon on cannon ball violence. Watch it [URL=]here.[/URL]

[URL=]The Siege of Fort Romney[/URL] (recorded by Nitevision 21/7/2012) supported by draGoon artillery under the command of Captain Phantom Zero noble draGoon Forlorn Hope line charge and in multiple attempts breach and eventually seize this fort in a bloody battle of the ages during a Saturday KRB Siege battle.

[URL=]The Defence of Fort Obama[/URL] (recorded by Grey Hunter 21/7/2012) under siege by the dastardly pubbies outside noble draGoon Polish line infantry must try and keep the barbarians from the gate and off our cannons by lining up on the walls.

The Battle of FIZZLE FO’ SHIZZLE (recorded by Cynical Tyrant)22/7/2012) Austrias greatest hope the draGoons fight with courage and conviction against the odds during this NEC friday line battle. Watch this digitally recorded courage right [URL=]here.[/URL]

The Battle of THE SHACK and minor skirmish #3242424 (recorded by Endman 22/7/2012) SAdraGoons in the field during a regular [URL=]conquest line battle event[/URL] and the rather out of nowhere thrown together [URL=]skirmish of a line battle[/URL] that followed. We event got the hilariously painful half assed [URL=]gimmick round[/URL] at the end too!

[URL=]Battle of Waterloo 2: WATERLOO HARDER[/URL] (Also, [URL=]scuffle in the desert[/URL] the direct to DVD sequal!)(28/7/2012) filmed by Endman who leads us with Maguro we march for glory but get our butts handed to us several times gloriously back!

[URL=]Battle For Goon Fort! Part 1 of 2:[/URL](recorded by Endman 6/8/2012) During this Friday NEC line battle draGoon Artillery and their loyal Grenadier guard unit dish out the pain and hold the ground of the holy sandbag fort on goon hill.

[URL=]The Great Russian Mutiny and Battle for Redemption![/URL] NEC Friday line battle filmed by Endman (10/8/2012): A story of betrayl and eventually over coming the odds!  Featuring abrupt leadership changes, ridiculous melee and some last-stand hillcamping. Part 1 of 2.

[URL=]Siege of Boom Town[/URL] and [URL=]Battle of Empty Field![/URL] filmed by Endman during the IIIe line battle on the 10/11/2012. Two parts.

[URL=]MAGURO/YUMMYDEADCOWS RILFLES[/URL] and the battle of [URL=]Lots of Dudes In Two Locations[/URL] filmed by Endman on the 11/11/2012 two parts. Goons take on the silly hat of the 95th Rifle and fight one of the best battles I’ve personally over seen against those tenacious white wearing blue pants strutting Austrians!

[URL=]Duke Dickbutts 1st Anniversary Line Battle feature reel! (29/11/2012 recorded by Endman):[/URL] Featuring pogoing Napoleonic era soldiers, decent small goon line on line violence and the experiment known as Pistol draGoon line. Contains scenes of graphic mass bag piping.

[URL=]Goon Line Battle: RETREAT TO VICTORY! (11/12/2012 recorded by Endman):[/URL]
A brief compilation of our ‘better’ moments as Prussian Riflemen skirmishing in a Friday American line battle. Contains scenes of nudity and big flag theft.

[URL=]Goon Line Battle: Revenge Of The Blood!12/12/2012 recorded by Endman):[/URL]
draGoon Artillery Battery and Elite Cannon Guard face the wrath of the angry pubbie scrubs trying to kill them and steal their cannons. Watch the successes and failures all at once!

[URL=]Napoleonic Christmas Highlights: Battle for the end of the year! (18/12/12 recorded by Endman):[/URL]

Final big scale line battle of 2012, we see goons holding the line and handing tight pant covered buttock to the other team. Guest star, me as that really average Napoleonic officer that gets killed constantly. Contains scenes of Woop murder, awesome team work using voices comms and shooting the enemy honourably in the back.

[URL=]Early January Napoleonic Wars Highlights: Blood Bath 1813! (recorded by Endman)[/URL]

Footage from several American line battles for the first week of January. Includes a bridge really too far, musket head shots and Goons being sniped by Muskets!

[URL=]Mid January 2013 Napoleonic Wars Highlights: The Chubby Red Line! (recorded by Endman)[/URL]

draGoons take to the field as British light infantry and Russian Riflemen and do what they do best (dying and getting off some lucky ass shots). Featuring Napoleonic Officer micro management, a sudden tragic death of the music and lots of cussing. Poop!

[URL=]SAdraGoons May 1st Anniversary Battle Antics Compendium ! (recorded by Endman)[/URL]

Comedy highlights of some our line battles in the month of May 2013! Excessive violence against birds, suicidally glorious charges and some phat beats all included.

[URL=]Mid June Artillery Adventure: Artillery Harder! (recorded by Endman)[/URL]

Cursed Russian telescopes, amazing artillery kill streaks and we all learn something special about the opposing team (somebody on there is a password leaking fun hating dick!)

[URL=]Battle Of GOON RUSH! Part 1[/URL],[URL=] part 2[/URL] and [URL=]part 3[/URL] (recorded by Pantaloons)

A good turn out for an otherwise quiet line battle, Ghost Dad is remembered spiders are feared and we gloriously choke up the barrels of enemy cannons with our corpses.

[URL=]Late June 2013 Highlights! recorded by Endman[/URL]

draGoons doing what we do best (dying in droves/getting killed by cannons/sassing back and accidentally fragging our officers) in both Napoleonic Wars and a little bit of Blood And Iron too. Oh, and we even sail a little rowboat!

[URL=]Sunday Line Battle: Calisthenics Are Very Important! (recorded by Pantaloons)[/URL]

Russian Rifle draGoons learn the importance of a good stretching regime and then have a disagreement with enemy lancers over such an issue.

[URL=]Encrypt Monday Line Battle: We’re Getting The Band Back Together Part 1![/URL] [URL=]Part 2[/URL] and [URL=]Part 3[/URL] (recorded by Pantaloons)

Inspired by some rocking flute tunes a line of new and old school draGoons wreck a battlefield as Prussian Landwehr. Austrian soldiers are horribly wrecked, birds are shot at and flags are captured. No Artillery Horses were hurt during the filming of this battle.

[URL=]July NW Event Highlights: filmed by endman![/URL]

People praise Pants as an officer, despite him not being utterly dead yet the tenants of the bird religion is discussed and we still all cannot take on one dude with a bayonet without some disaster happening. Also, some muskets are shot and people in colorful uniforms drop down dead.

Battle Of The Seven Flags [URL=]Part 1[/URL] [URL=]of[/URL] [URL=]about[/URL] [URL=]four:[/URL] recorded by Pantaloons!

draGoons fighting for King George over the hills and far away discover the true meaning of life in the internet reenactment group, the history of the IHOP and the fact that sometimes there is a thing as too many flags and or band pipes. Now in lush green European woodland and sandy desert flavours!

General Pantsazov War Correspondent And His Amazing Riflegoons Fighting The British: filmed by Pantaloons.

[URL=]Part 1[/URL]
[URL=]Part 2[/URL]
[URL=]Part 3[/URL]
[URL=]Part 4[/URL]
[URL=]Part 5[/URL]

Once again filmed with advanced 19th century technology we see through the one clockwork eye of the great War Correspondent Pantaloons. It turns out that even working with cursed telescopes and narcoleptic soldiers the rifles of Duke Dickbutt can still shoot man or bird (mostly bird) with ease half the time. It also turns out that some enemy soldiers have no fire discipline and an old man with a wig riding a horse about is enough for them to shoot their guns wildly into the air. War is a funny thing like that.

Austrian draGoon Rifles Big Day Out! filmed by Pantaloons.

A smaller scale line battle, we get Austrian Rifles. The enemy gets some bad numbers. We slightly go over the limit but press on hoping the admin can do something to fix that. Things happen, including misplaced rifles, bad references to a certain movie and dudes being shot.

We also switch to Austrian line infantry so we don’t like too big jerks in the 2nd half.

[URL=]Part 1,[/URL] [URL=]Part 2[/URL] and [URL=]Part 3[/URL] all here on the YouTube!

The Battle of Polish Pipe Music! filmed by Pantaloons.

[URL=]Part 1,[/URL] [URL=]Part 2,[/URL] [URL=]Part 3,[/URL] [URL=]Part 4[/URL] and [URL=]Part 5![/URL]

Slipping into our favourite custard yellow and blue uniforms of the Polish Legion for France we bring more fifes than drums and suffer the consequences of patriotic music drilling into our collective brains. We also discuss a little about HISTORY and suffer some cav envy with the Russians as their cavalry seem a bit more switched on. Contains scenes of 19th century goon on goon violence execution style.

[URL=]The Peoples Line Militia Strikes Back![/URL] [URL=]Part 2[/URL] and [URL=]Part 3[/URL] all filed by Pantaloons.

Armed with nothing but a tiny hatchet and a short musket a line of the peoples militia crewed by brave draGoons attempt to hold off the Prussians by shooting vaguely at them. Featuring sexy but impractical maneuvering as everyone in the battle is too scared to go beyond minimum musket range. Discussion wise we slam the Spanish Royal Family of the 17th century. Eventually we all evolve into Russian Foot Guard for bayonets.

[URL=]March of the Poopensoldatz![/URL] [URL=]Part 2,[/URL] [URL=]And Part 3[/URL] Filmed by Pantaloons.

An oddly lucky night for us draGoons, as we were given Skirmishers AND Artillery later in the battle. We sweep the field much to our more static allies annoyance as light infantry and shoot some dudes. Then splitting up, some draGoons work on supporting the rest of the Austrian army with the deadly feared draGoon battery of death. May contains overly excited Crasscrab yelling stuff.

[URL=]The Great Russian Partizani Siege Battle![/URL] filmed by Pantaloons.

draGoons try the poorly armed but well motivated Russian partizans in both attacking and defending some fortresses. Much talk of pizza, ass forking and hilariously to our surprise pubbie ass kicking contained inside.

[b]North And South:[/b]

[URL=]The Battle For Santas Grotto Highlights ( 20/12/12 recorded by Endman):[/URL]

Our first proper North And South line battle, Goons fighting for the sexy 69th of the Union struggle hard to fight on the snowy fields of Alaska to free the slaves from the bloody CSA loving hands of Santa Claus. Behold the power of the bayonet as we all realise why soldiers in NW keep the damn things on and other hilarious incidents.

[URL=]Early January North And South draGoon Highlights: General, I have no goons left![/URL]

Skirmishing in the trees against Confederate militia, Pants infamous stand at Pants rock, bloody charging the Yankee cannons and the infamous Woop flag monument to the dead all feature in this heart pumping footage of men in uniforms running about. Also contains scenes of gravity hardcore Confederate anti gravity technology.

[URL=]Mid January North And South draGoon Highlights: Union draGoons Happy Adventures on DEATH MOUNTAIN![[/URL]

For the first time since [b]the incident[/b] draGoons take to the battlefield as Union cavalry. Chaos abounds as we fool the enemy with illusion of minor disorganization on the field. Be thrilled as a patriotic horse takes bloody revenge and quake in terror as the draGoons face the mightiest foe of DEATH MOUNTAIN.

[b]Blood And Iron:[/b]

[URL=]Deployment Of The French Hipster Freedom Squad! Part 1 (filmed by Pantaloons)[/URL]

The heroic Hipsters of France fight a bloody skirmish with a more determined long range foe over a nondescript slightly hilly field.

[URL=]Skirmish In Amsterdam! (filmed by Pantaloons)[/URL]

Once again as French Guerrilla fighters draGoons sample the delights of Amsterdam. But instead of ladies of the night and discount cultivated pot they get angry Prussians and boat rides of [b]DOOM[/b].

[URL=]Blood and Iron – Agriculture Simulator 1870 Part 1[/URL] and [URL=]Part 2[/URL] (filmed by Pantaloons)

A huge amount of Prussian Goon Soldaten storms across this obscenely huge field to bring the pain to cowardly trench hugging pubbies to the sound of Pants playing a Bugle. Old school draGoon officer TumorTime shows up and leads us for a bit and we all learn the organic way of redecorating a houses interior with our insides!

[URL=]Prussian Marines Special Boat Hyjinx In Amsterdam![/URL] (recorded by Pantaloons)

A fine adventure in the low waters of the Amsterdam canals. Confessions are made to not priests, draGoons accidentally fall off the boat and some dudes are shot.

[URL=]Barbara Bismarck And Her Prussian Sailor Suicide Squad![/URL]

Once again goons dress up as Prussian marines and crowd into a boat in Amsterdam hoping to conquer the filthy canal waters for the Koenig. Things of course do not exactly go to plan.

[URL=]Prussian draGoon Artillery Hijinx![/URL] [URL=]Part 2[/URL] and [URL=]Part 3![/URL] (recorded by Pantaloons)

During this battle with Blood and Iron draGoons get to play with the lethal top of the line breach loaded explosive firing Prussian Krupp guns! much spotting, squinting and hoping we’re blowing up the right dudes wearing blue ensures. Poor Yummy has to manage a group of bored draGoons with carbines and no ammunition conservation control. We also have a bloody last stand with the guns on top of a hill!

The Struggle For Frances Nameless Desert Province [URL=]Part 1[/URL] [URL=]Part 2[/URL] [URL=]Part 3[/URL] [URL=]Part 4[/URL] [URL=]Part 5[/URL] and [URL=]Part 6[/URL] recorded by Pantaloons.

Once again wearing the pointy helmet of the German Confederation draGoons find themselves slogging through the sands of a oddly bush heavy French desert led by SeanBeansShako and Desu. Death, glory and of course hilariously drawn out shoot outs follow. We then change climate to SNOW in the 2nd map and witness quite possibly the most inaccurate duel between two pubbies with firearms ever.




War and Peace (WARNING: All in Russian)

Non Fiction Documentaries

English Civil Wars of the 1640’s
US Mexico War of 1846
Battle of Boyne (Glorious Revolution)
Battle of Culloden (Jabobite Uprising)
The Crimean War
The Ottoman Siege of Vienna 1529
The 2nd Anglo-Boer War of 1899


Napoleon Total War
Empire Total War
Histwar Les Grognards
Europa Universalis 3 Complete
Cossacks 2 Back To War
Age of Empires III
Take Command: Second Manassas

Table Top Gaming!

Thats right, you can even play Napoleonic themed D&D now (thank you INTERNET!) with your close friends in real life.

Beat to Quarters (SEA BATTLES) and Duty And Honour (LAND BATTLES) rule books are both avaliable here to buy online in PDF from along with their background information fluff books.

Napoleonic History Corner!

History and Genneral Napoleonic Era Trivia:

So you actually want to learn something while playing video games? you nerd! nah I kid. Some of us actually know our stuff about History and have posted some stuff already. Feel free to ask any questions about this crazy era of warfare and you’ll get an honest and sensible answer for it. All questions and answers will be logged in this section plus other interesting things posted.

If you want to learn about everything in the history of the Napoleonic Wars by yourself, try this informative website here.

A lot of the information provided is Wikipedia content as a taster, If you seriously are interested in the History of this era I really do suggest hunting down real books based on it as well as visiting any Napoleonic era Military musuems if you have any near you.

(Real)Bad Asses of the Napoleonic Wars!

Sharpe and Flashman, these dudes were the real deal.

First the generals of the DLC:

Napoleon Bonaparte
Arthur Wellesley (Duke of Wellington)
Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher AKA Field Marshal Blucher
General Mikhail Kutuzov
Karl Phillip, Prince of Schwarzenberg

Generals and Statesmen:
Frederick William, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (The Black Duke)
Marshal Ney
Marshal Grouchy
Marshal Soult
Marshal Murat
General Picton
Lieutenant-General Sir John Moore
General Rowland ‘Daddy’ Hill
Major General Isaac Brock
Admiral Nelson
Prime Minister Pitt The Younger
King Frederick William III of Prussia
Major General Carl von Clausewitz
General Field Marshal von Gneisenau
Prince Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly
Tsar Alexander the 1st
Holy Roman Emperor Francis II
Archduke Charles of Austria
Field Marshal Joseph Radetzky von Radetz
General Johann von Klenau
Commander Andrew Jackson
General Toussaint Louverture
Sultan Mahmuh II of The Ottoman Empire
William II The Prince of Orange
Stanisław August Poniatowski (The Last King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth)
King Gustav IV of Sweden
Duke Dickbutt

Soldiers, Sailors and Regular People:
Andreas Hofer Tirolean Rebel Leader and Patriot
Horse Artillery Captain Mercer
Sergeant Masterson
Captain Murray Maxwell
USS Constitution
HMS Speedy
Captain Peter Heywood
Citizen Tarrare
HMS Victory
Captain Thomas Cochrane
Major Somerset
Captain Joseph Dyas 51st Light Infantry
‘Hussar General’ Colonel Lasalle
Imperial Guard Captain Jean-Roch Coignet
Roustam Raza (Napoleons Mameluke Bodyguard)
Diplomat Citizen Talleyrand
Secret Police Leader Fouche
Marquis de Sade The Classical French Perverted Aristocrat
Juan Martín Díez (Father of early modern Guerrilla warfare tactics and Liberal Spanish icon)
Fusilier John Thruel (Oldest Soldier of Europe, served three French Kings and four governments)

Battles and Campaigns
Battle of Waterloo
Battle of Leipzig
Battle of Austerlitz
Battle of Ligny
Battle of Quatra Bras
Battle of Arcole
Battle of Wagram
Battle of The Nile
Battle of New Orleans
Battle of Jena-Auerstedt
Battle of Corunna
Battle of Borodino
The Siege of Siege of Badajoz (1812)
Battle of Trafalgar
Battle of Bladensburg
Siege of Toulon
Battle of Talavera
Battle of Dresden
Battle of Paris
Battle of Salamanca
Battle of Smolensk
Battle of Vitoria
Battle of Friedland
Battle of Raszyn
Battle of Dennewitz
Battle of Hagelberg

The Hundred Days campaign
The Peninsula campaign (Actually small scale war)
The Italian Campaign
The Egyptian Expedition
Napoleons Invasion of Russia
The whats and whys of Napoleonic Era uniforms!

Just going to write a slightly detailed guide on what these things are called on our christmas tree clothes and why they were like that for those vaguely interested.

Shako: The most common Military headgear of the European armies, these things were designed to make the soldiers of the armies look taller and more intimidating and were made of leather and felt. Originated from Hungary and decorated with a plate with the Regiment number, insignia or King/Emperors initials. Also decorated with feathers, pom poms or plumes depending on branch or regiment.

Crossbelt: Made from leather the crossbelt is pretty much the early version of modern version of webbing which the cartridge pouch and scabbard for your sword was attached too. Crossbelts sometimes had a shiny bright plate in the centre making the poor soldiers the perfect target for anyone who could shoot.

Pack: The backpack on the back of the common soldier, these oddly enough were rarely worn during the battle in real life. Carried the usual supplies of food and spare uniform bits plus the equipment. Was emptied for precious LOOT after the battle and a good place to stick a good pair of liberated boots in. Not made from the pelt of Zebras but usually cows or crude leather.

Greatcoat: Some of the Prussian soldiers are either wearing these as a full part of their uniform or around their Torso rolled up (The Russians do this too). Greatcoats obviously kept the soldiers of Europe warm and dry and when rolled up tight were surprisingly good saber deflection too. Some of the Western European soldiers have their greatcoats rolled up in or on their packs as they are of a shorter design.

Gaiters: The silly little calve cover for some of the line infantries boots that come either in bright parade white or coal black. They have very little function apart from looking good and next to the useless neck stocks found themselves mostly being thrown away ‘by accident’ by soldiers on campaign. Still exist today much to the misfortune of those who have done military service as part of parade dress.

Gorget, Sashes and Epaulettes: Exclusive only to comissioned officers these shiny and lacey things are used visually to designate the cream of the rank and file. The gorget is a throw back from the Fedual days of Knights in Europe back when men wore huge suits of armour and have been transformed now to the shiny metal things hanging around Officers neck. Gorgets were made of silver and gold plating for Officers of different senoirity. Sashes worn around the waist and upper coat area were also a rank identifier each sash colour designating the different rank with officers. Epaulettes also performed the same role. A Junior Captain would only wear one while a more senoir officer would get two on each shoulder.

Coat/Coatee: These things came into fashion around the late 18th century and had many different designs and cuts for the normal soldier and officers of all brances. The coloured cuffs and lapels of these things are called ‘facings’ and each regiment of every army or group of regiments had their own official colour and were also decorated sometimes with the unique logos or insignias of the regiment (EG the grenades all over the place with the Grenadier guys). Most Officers had slightly slimmer tighter fitting versions of their mens coats with the infamous coat tails on the back though some elite line were all known to have tails on their coats.

Britches: The pants/trousers/leg coverings of the era noted for their tightness and hilarious pronounciation of ones junk. These things snuck into fashion around the 17th century and pretty much evolved into the comfortable things we wear today to show off our packages and butts. Armies amusingly even designated regiment and branches by the colour of their britches for example the blue pants of Austria are all Hungarian while the white pants are the Austrian Germans. White britches like all same colured clothing items could be kept clean with pipeclay.

Boots: These came in two flavours, ankle high things for the foot sloggers than were woefully mass produced and gave away quickly and the much more stylish and appreicated tailor calve high riding boots associated with the dashing Hussars and other cav of this era. Needless to say all men happily got the latter as soon as possible as they were comfortable and looked so much cooler.

Other clothing items/stuff:

Sapper/Pioneer Aprons were pretty much functional as they not only handled explosives but did the digging and carpentry needed for an army on the march plus they were handy for both friend and foe as quick identifiers.

The helmets of the heavy cav were modeled in the Greeco Roman style due to the fact that many educated men of this era were Classically Educated and knew not only of the history and science of the Ancient world but also their conquests.

Drummers and Fifers carry their music with them in sheets, which are handily rolled up and stored in the shining metal tube resting on their hips. The drum sticks also went in there when not in use.

The cuirass the heavy cav wear is not entirely useless. At long ranges it could even take minor damage from a musket ball and is still quite useful for melee fighting though.

The Pavlov grenadiers wear something called a Mitre (The Pope hat) which was more of a symbol of a professional elite soldier than the hat of the pope in the 18th century but now slowly going the way of the tricorn and bicorn. Frederick The Greats own Prussian Grenadiers wore these as well as other European nations Grenadiers.

Dragoons, Light Cav and some Artillery officers enjoy wearing the tartleton helmet which became quite known during the American war of independence which simply looks awesome. Seriously, don’t deny it. It looks good.

Prussians and Opel both seem to be wearing peaked forage caps and are apparently a century ahead from everyone else in Military fashion as peaked caps have been the formal uniforms head gear choice for over one hundred years now for most armies of the world.

What the hell are the British chanting in the Waterloo movie?

An interesting question, turns out to a mid 19th century Whalers Sea Shanty:

Chorus is in italics.


Boney was a warrior
Away, a- yah!
A warrior and a terrier
Jean Francois!

2. Boney fought the Russians
Away, a- yah!
The Russians and the Prussians.
Jean Francois!

3. Moscow was a-blazing
Away, a- yah!
And Boney was a-raging.
Jean Francois!

4. Boney went to Elba
Away, a- yah!
Boney he came back again.
Jean Francois!

5. Boney went to Waterloo
Away, a- yah!
There he got his overthrow.
Jean Francois!

6. Then they took him off again
Away, a- yah!
Aboard the Billy Ruffian.
Jean Francois!

7. He went to Saint Helena,
Away, a- yah!
There he was a prisoner,
Jean Francois!

8. Boney broke his heart and died
Away, a- yah!
Away in Saint Helena
Jean Francois!

9. Give her the t’gan’s’ls
Away, a- yah!
Its a weary way to Baltimore.
Jean Francois!

10. Drive her, Cap’n, drive her
Away, a- yah!
And bust the chafing leather.
Jean Francois!

Jean Francois was the polite term for a Frenchman.

Why do the Austrians have leafs on all their hats?

Austrian soldiers used to carry three oak-leaves on their helmets-shakos; but why?

In Germany oak were the Trees of the Homeland, the powerful war trees of the Teutons, whose leaves also served in war as a field mark. The oak was consecrated to the thundering god Donnar (Thor). Ancient Celts observed the oak’s massive growth and impressive expanse. They took this as a clear sign that the oak was to be honored for its endurance, and noble presence. Further merit to its regal presence is its tendency to attract lightning. This was considered hugely powerful among the ancients and is associated with one of their foremost gods, Dagda.

More, in the old German language of flowers they told: “Who carries oak leaves, indicates his own determination and that thereby nobody will can stop him. So it was recommended, therefore, to be careful with those carrying oak leaves, and, above all, to avoid jokes with these fellows, who didn’t allow jokes.” The weapons put “at rest” during wars and campaigns were often hung up on oaks. It was easy to understand why German (and Austrian) warriors went in the battle with oak leaves.

They were primary used as means of identification for forces of the Holy Roman Empire during the 30 Years War in the 17th century due to the lack of modern uniforms during the time.

OK, it’s not really hard at all to find a ton of references of cavalry firing en masse from horseback. I don’t know why the admins in the line battles frown on it. It’s VERY historically accurate, here is a sample:

This is from the 1809 campaign, the Bavarians (French allies at the time) are having a meeting engagement with far superior numbers of Austrians, the day is April 19th, around 9 am, the battle is the relatively small action between Hausen and Teugn (in Bavaria).

At that hour, the main body of the Crown Prince’s division (Bavarian) was en route to Abensberg, preceded by it’s cavalry brigade and Captain Regnier’s battery of horse artillery. The jangling troopers and gunners had already passed through Abensberg and turned north up the road to Arnhofen, their movement screened by a set of low hills. To the Austrian commander peering west from the fringes of the Seeholz Wald, therefore, the Bavarian advance troops on the road to Arnhofen were invisible; the only Bavarians he could see were a few cavalry pickets on the high ground between the two villages. These pickets seeming to be the single obstacle between the Seeholz and Arnhofen, he set his brigade in motion across the fields to occupy the town.

The Crown Prince’s scouts natrually lost no time in reporting the approach of Thierry’s little force and the Corp commander Lefebvre immediately ordered the advance guard forward at the trot. In response, the Bavarian Kronprinz Chevauxlegers (light cavalry) executed a right turn and advanced up the low rise that had shielded them from Habsburg eyes. The unexpected appearance of an entire regiment of green coated chevauxlegers surprised the Austrian Levenehr Dragoons advancing from the Seeholz and they halted momentarialy while the Bavarians sent mounted skirmishers forward to contest any further Austrian advance.

Thierry quickly deployed his four 6-pounders and opened up on the chevauxlegers, but Bavarian guns were also on the way and, favored by a well placed knoll, Regnier’s battery gave the Austrians a second unpleasant suprise when it suddenly pounded up and unlimbered to the left of the cavalry regiment. The arrival of this battery boded ill for the Austrians: fifteen minutes after coming into action, the Bavarian gunners had disabled two Austrian pieces and were happily shelling the rest under Regnier’s enthusiastic direction.

To ease the pressure on their brigade, the Austrian dragoons rode forward to the attack, but the first two squadrons were turned back by fire from the Bavarian battery. Undeterred, the other two squadrons spurred up the gentle slope after covering the withdrawl of their comrades. Despite canister fire from Regnier’s sweating men, the white coated horsemen drove into the flank and rear of the Bavarian chevaliers. The Bavarians, considering the ground too steep for a countercharge, chose to receive the Austrian charge from a stationary posture, defending themselves with a volley of carbine fire at short range. The dragoons charged through this fire, caught their foemen at the halt, disordered them and sent them fleeing to the rear. This turn of events made life dangerous for Regnier’s men. Desperately trying to limber and displace, they would almost certainly been overrun had the two squadrons of the 1st Dragoons not galloped up to conduct a timely counter attack.

“With Eagles to Glory: Napoleon and his German Allies in the 1809 Campaign” by John H. Gill, pages 84-85

Why British cav seem slightly more bland than other nations cav:

OK, here is the skinny on British cav during the Napoleonic wars. Britain fielded dragoon, light dragoon and hussar units only. They didn’t have lancers until 1822 (7 years after Waterloo) when the 17th light dragoons were re-classified as lancers.

The British cavalry was generally of good quality ON A TROOPER TO TROOPER BASIS, being mounted on probably the best surviving horseflesh in Europe (the quality of cavalry horses on the Continent had dramatically deteriorated after 20 years of sustained war, the British cavalry mostly being spared this), and was individually well trained, but suffered from several weaknesses:

– It was unaccustomed to being drilled/trained in units larger than squadrons or regiments. Most other nations, and in particular France, trained cavalry units to operate in much larger organizations such as brigades (2 to three regiments), divisions (usually 2 brigades), or even full cavalry Corps (two to three divisions). This resulted in typically inept deployment when large British armies had to commit large numbers of cavalry in battle at once. Even the famous charge of the Union Brigage at Waterloo (6th Inniskilling dragoons, 1st “Royal” dragoons and the Royal Scots Greys), which started well, ended in a total disaster for the brigade. After pretty much riding down a French infantry divisions, the brigade got ‘out of hand’ and was uncontrollable. Millhaud’s cuirassers and Jacquiont’s lancers counter-charged them and put them out of action for the rest of the day (the brigade commander Ponsonby being captured and summarily executed by lancers). The Union brigade, in it’s most ‘successful’ charge suffered nearly exactly 50% losses!

– The British cavalry was poorly led by inexperienced officers, especially at the regimental and brigade levels (Wellington himself considered them overly-arrogant) and the troopers themselves had little combat experience. Even though it’s just a quote from a movie (Waterloo, 1970), this sums it up pretty well:

Marshal Soult (on observing the Union brigade charging): They are the noblest cavalry in Europe, but the worst led.
Napoleon: That may be, but we will match them with our lancers!

I thought you guys might like to hear one of my favorite stories from the Austerlitz campaign (1805). One of the most talented, aggressive, and loyal commanders in the Grande Armee was Marshaal Jean Lannes, who was considered the flower of the army, his loss was greatly felt when he fell at Aspern-Essling in 1809. A nearly spent cannon ball shattered both his legs, Baron Larrey amputated one, and tried to save the other, but infection set in and he died eight days later, in incredible pain. Napoleon wept at the loss, not only because Lannes was a great general, but because there were close friends as well. Had he survived, some of the later campaigns could have had different outcomes, but, at least he fell at the zenith of imperial power and missed the long downhill slide starting in 1812.

Anyway,the 1805 campaign is heating up, this incident occurs before Napoleon’s spectacular victory at Austerlitz. Usually I like to give full quotes from books and cite the source, but, as I looked through my library, I was surprised to see that I really didn’t have anything that talked about this, so, the following is lifted from the web:

Later during the same campaign of 1805, Lannes and Marshal Murat bluffed their way into possession of a key Austrian bridge. Loaded with explosives, the Austrians intended to destroy the bridge the moment the French attempted to to take it. Lannes, Murat, Bertrand, Belliard, and a few other officers crossed the bridge, telling the Austrians that an armistice had been signed that gave the French the bridge. Sending Betrand with the Austrians to meet the Austrian commander, Lannes and Murat talked to the Austrians in an attempt to distract them from Oudinot’s grenadiers who were sneaking up. One Austrian noticed the approaching grenadiers and lit a match to fire the artillery, but Lannes immediately seized his arm and demanded how he could dare break the armistice without higher authority. Bertrand returned with Austrian General Auersperg, whom Lannes and Murat explained the same story to, and he agreed to not fire upon them. Oudinot’s grenadiers finished coming up, cut the fuses to blow the bridge, and with that the bridge was in French hands without a shot being fired.
Napoleons Marshals and the casulties of the 1812 retreat from Russia:

Speculus posted:

Yeah, the Marshals of France were a strange bunch. Napoleon sort of played them off against each other to ‘encourage results’ which often had the unfortunate effect of them not supporting each other in the field as much as they could have due to jealousies. They could be a quarrelsome lot too.

Bernadotte was absolutely dispicable, after Napoleon put him on the throne of Sweden he later defected to the Allies in 1813 when he saw which way the wind was blowing. I guess treachery pays though, because the Bernadottes are the royal family of Sweden to this day.

Murat was playing a weird double game during the Hundred Days. He was still sitting on the throne as the King of Naples (that Napoleon had put him on) because the Allies, after 1814, came to an agreement with him, but upon hearing that with the news of Napoleon’s escape from Elba, he repudiated his new allies and started a separate war against Austria!. He was defeated, fled to Corsica, was captured and executed 4 months after Waterloo. He should have gone over to Napoleon and helped out!

Ney was sort of thick headed, but loyal (generally!) and brave. The rear guard action leaving Russia is pretty remarkable to read about, supposedly he was the last man out of Russia, as he was leading a few hundred Bavarians holding off the cossacks on a bridge on the river Nieman on December 13th, 1812. When the Bavarians broke and ran, Ney, with only his aide-de-camp, slowed backed off the bridge, picking up the dropped Bavarian muskets and firing them as he went (he was double musketing!!! Admin, admin!). Ney was always in the thick of it, having 5 horses shot out from under him at Waterloo alone. Probably he was executed by the Bourbons after Waterloo, but there are persistent stories that, due to his Masonic connections, to include alleged secret intervention from Wellington himself, Ney’s execution was faked and he was allowed to flee to America, where he lived a secret life in exile and died in Meklenburg county, North Carolina. “Peter Stewart Ney” died in 1846 and is buried in Cleveland, North Carolina.

By the way, here is probably one of the finest graphs ever created that shows a lot of variables in a really cool format. It shows the progress of the 182 campaign in Russia. The thick beige band shows the strength of the Grande Armee coming into Russia, you can see how it gets more narrow as battles are fought, garrisions are detached, and sickness takes it’s toll. The black band shows the retreat from Moscow, the same thing is see, the band gets more narrow. Finally, at the bottom there is a temperature scale that shows the weather conditions during (only) the retreat. Look how the weather corresponds to the thickness of the black band…there are large ‘kill-offs’ as the mercury plummets. This chart was created by a French civil engineer named Charles Joseph Minard (1781-1870). It is widely recognized as “probably the best statistical graphic ever drawn.” Although many accounts vary with the numbers, Minard’s is pretty much in the middle of ranges. He claims that 422,000 men went into Russia, and 10,000 came out (under arms, there were additional stragglers).

Taunts and War Cries Translations and meanings:

United Kingdom:
“Rule Britannia!”
“Hurrah for Old Nosey!” (Duke Of Wellington)
“Sons of the hounds come here and get flesh!” (Cameron clan warcry).

Vive la France: Long live France.
Vive la patrie: long live the fatherland
Vive l’empereur: Long live the emperor
On va leur percer le flanc: We are going to break their flank.
Je me rends: I surrender.
La Garde meurt mais ne se rend pas!: The Guard does not surrender.

Für König und Vaterland! (For king & fatherland)
Gott schützen den König! (God save the king)
Schlagt sie! (Beat them!)
Auf geht’s Kameraden! (Let’s go, comerades!)
Nicht schissen (Don’t shoot).


Für den Kaiser! (For the emperor!)
Gott schützen den Kaiser! (God save the emperor!)

The rest of the German taunts are just war cries and yells.

“Pulya – Dura; Shtyk – Molodets!” ~ “The bullet’s a fool, but the bayonet is clever.”
“Nu, pohodite, suki-voleyte!*” ~ “Well, come on, you puny bitches!” *I’m not 100% sure on if he’s saying voleyte or not, or even suki for that matter.
“Ura!” ~ “Hoorah!”; “Huzzah!”
“Slavsya ‘techesvo!” ~ “Glory to the fatherland!”
“Za gosudarya!” ~ “For the sovereign!”
“Bey basurmyan!” ~ “Strike/Kill the infidel!” (a little bit strange)
“Voruy! Ubivay!” ~ “Steal! Kill!” (perfect for partisans preying on the French stragglers in the winter)

History and specifics of the flintlock musket

British Napoleonic Wars Army Slang and French Napoleonic Wars Army Slang!

British regimental nicknames of the Napoleonic Wars and why they were given them.

Hearts of Oak sung rather well in Sharpe.

Traditional Over The Hills And Far Away With Lyrics

Napoleonic Wars Tropes!


Weapons and Equipment of The Napoleonic Wars

Free to browse and read with the e-book reader plug in for the website and downloadable for a small charge this guide tells you everything you need to know about the weapons and general tactics soldiers of all armies used in this grand conflict.

Memoirs of an Imperial Guard Sergeant of the 1812 invasion and retreat from Russia.

Memoirs of a 95th Rifles Officer during the Peninsula War to 1815.


British Army:

French Army:

Russian Army:

Austrian Army:

Prussian Army:

Franco Prussian War Stuff!

French Army:

Prussian Army:

Ghost Dads Line Battle Etiquette Guide!

Brooks Cracktackle AKA Ghost Dad posted:

Massive fucking wall of text incoming

What is this bullshit?
This is a guide to all the line battle crap you should be prepared to know how to do. We’ll be trying to organize some more practice sessions to help people learn stuff, and to help us get good at doing it.

But why should I give a shit?
Line battles are actually fairly organized events, and the punishment for not playing by the rules is that you don’t get to play anymore. The rules aren’t even very hard to adhere to, and the experience of participating in one of these events is actually pretty amazing. It might seem like a lame idea at first, but once that first cannonball whizzes past your head and pastes three guys standing next to you, the atmosphere really takes hold and it becomes something special.

Ok, but why should I read this?
The better we are at drills, the better we will perform in line battles. For example, if we get our movements tighter, we spend less time fixing our lines, so you spend more time shooting at nerds. Also, it looks pretty badass, and it’s not even that hard to get good at it. This is also useful stuff to know in case you ever need to take command, because you never know when the entire chain of command will be beheaded by a cannonball!

Stuff you should do right now goddammit:
-Rebind freelook to something easily accessible: I use Q, and rebound crouch to ctrl.
-Bind walk to something easily accessible. It will come in handy during some more complicated maneuvers.

Stuff to do when you are in formation:
-Take note of the names of the people on all sides of you. This will be help you keep track of where you should be in the line.
-If you are in a rear rank and there is a space in front of you, move forward to fill it.
-If there is a space to your right, move over to fill it. This is called “dressing.” If you are told to dress the line, fill space in the direction specified, and move yourself to help straighten out the line. If no direction was specified, assume you’re dressing to the right.
-Grow a mustache
-Standards and musicians stay to the rear of the formation, in no specific location.
-Speak up if you see cav that is literally about to charge us and nobody else has commented on it
-Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women

Stuff NOT to do when you are in formation:
-Face the wrong way
-Random shooting
-Pretty much anything you haven’t been explicitly told to do
-Scream like a motherfucker if you see cav about to charge us and nobody else has commented on it
-Wig out in the face of adversity like a weak-minded redditor

Most commands will come in two parts: a preparatory phrase to let you know what command will be coming, and an executive phrase which tells you to actually do the action. An example is when we are getting ready to stop moving: you will typically get the order ‘prepare to halt’ prior to being told to ‘halt.’

Forming up

Forming up is typically done by simply being told to form some number of lines in front of the commanding officer. Just find a spot in the line, and if we’re in multiple ranks, keep them all the same size.

You may also be given a more ad-hoc order to form up, such as ‘form two ranks on my left’ in which case you should locate the person giving the command and form ranks. This often happens when we need to rapidly reposition.

Stationary drill

This basically boils down to facings. If you are told to face a direction, immediately turn to face that direction. Typical directions you will be given are left, right, and about/right-about. ‘About face’ and ‘right-about face’ are interchangeable to anyone who doesn’t feel like hardcore sperging out. There is a concept of facing the ‘front’ of the unit, but it’s highly dependent on spatial awareness in a way that I don’t think it will work in vidyagame land. So don’t worry about that one.

Other things you can be told to do:
-Kneel, by rank: There are very specific situations in which we are allowed to crouch in a line battle, so don’t crouch unless you get an order to do it. An example of this order would be ‘front rank, kneel.’ The command to stand back up again is ‘spring up.’


Currently, we march at the standard running speed. This might change, but it’s unlikely to do so, so let’s call the standard run speed ‘ordinary.’ Thus, if you get told to march ‘at the ordinary,’ this just means you are going to run balls out. The only other marching speed we have is the ‘walk’ speed, which you can either use your zoom button for, or bind separately. We will call using this ‘stepping short.’ We can use this to rebuild our formations while still marching, since you can run to where you need to be in the formation and then start stepping short to hold that position relative to the rest of the unit. This will be useful for any time we start to get spread out.
The correct preparatory for marching is ‘company/section/platoon/squad will advance.’ ‘Prepare to march’ is ok too.
The phrase ‘at the ordinary, march’ is simply the period version of ‘forward, march.’ The command to stop marching is simply ‘halt.’

Marching by files, or in column

This is the common method of movement you see in line battles, mostly because it is easy to do. It has some severe disadvantages, but it works most of the time.

On the command to march, follow the guy in front of you. Do not pass him unless he really seriously fucks up or drops or something. If in multiple ranks, also avoid getting ahead of the guy next to you. This is typically really basic follow-the-leader type stuff. There is one really important thing to remember, though: when we’re in multiple ranks, we can easily get fucked up whenever we make a turn, since we all move at roughly the same speed. The outside person on a turn will fall behind a bit. To compensate for this, the person on the inside of the turn needs to slow down slightly during the turn, and make sure they let the person next to them catch up. When the unit makes a turn, DO NOT cut the corner. follow the PATH of the person in front of you, not the person himself. Cutting corners leads to the formation breaking down, which means we spend a lot of time unfucking it at the other end of our maneuver.

When you are given the order to halt, keep running until you reach your intended spot in the line. If you were marching in front, you must stop on the halt order and wait for the rest of the unit to catch up. Nobody should change their facing on the halt unless they were otherwise told to, you should remain facing the same direction you were marching.

Marching in line

This is the period correct method of movement in battle, but it doesn’t translate easily to vidyagame land due to a number of factors, perhaps the largest of which is lag. So, with some slight modifications, we do the best we can.

The commands to start and stop marching are unchanged from file marching. On the word ‘march,’ the rightmost file of the line will start running straight forward. As soon as you see the person to your right (or if you are in the rear rank, the person in front of you) start moving, that is your cue to start moving too. Do not pass the person on your right, do not pass your file partner if you are in the rear rank. When this is done properly, we move in a slightly diagonal line. Like in file marching, when you are told to halt, move yourself into the correct position in the line.

You may also be given an instruction to move a specific number of paces. In this case, simply watch your character’s animation to get a rough count of when you should stop, and dress yourself when you reach that point, or if you see most of the line stopping.

Center Wheels

This is an extremely powerful maneuver that allows us to turn our line to face another direction while avoiding much of the clusterfuck that ensues when we disperse and have to reform. The general idea is that the entire line rotates around a pivot point in the middle of the line, like a wheel about a hub.
The full command to commence wheeling is ‘company, on your center, right/left wheel, march.’ The direction given in the command is the direction the wheel will turn. We will also try and give a heads-up as to how far you will be turning, but if you didn’t get one, just start wheeling until you’re told to stop.

How it works: Since we’re pivoting on the center of the unit, half of the unit will actually be moving backwards to compensate for the other half moving forwards. Pay attention to where you stand in the unit so that you know which way you have to move before the wheel happens. Like when we turn while marching in file, people closer to the pivot point will need to slow down so that the people on the outside edges don’t get left behind. Dressing in a wheel is difficult: use third person view to see the people next to you, and try to stay in line with them. If gaps start forming in the line, move toward the pivot point to fill them. In essence, you are dressing on the center of the unit instead of one of the ends. When the halt command is given, quickly straighten the line out.

On a left center wheel, the left half of the line moves backwards, while the right half moves forwards. On a right center wheel, the right half of the line moves backwards, while the left half moves forwards. Remember to try as hard as you can to keep yourself in the right spot.

Other shit we could potentially do:
Left/Right/About wheels: like center wheels but the pivot point is the end of the line. This is less useful than center wheels in combat, though.
Shoulders-forward: like wheels, but on the march. These are of dubious value unless we get good at staying cohesive while marching in line.
Marching obliques: This is simply marching on a diagonal. Like shoulders-forward, of dubious value outside of line marching.

The Fun Bits


Generally, if the target we’re trying to murder isn’t completely obvious, the commanding officers will try their best to tell you where you should be shooting. If you get told to fire on an oblique, pick the juiciest target in that direction. Remember, muskets aren’t accurate by any stretch of the imagination, so try and get as many bodies into your reticle as you can to maximize your chances of a hit. And please for the love of god don’t shoot your buddies in the back of the head.

Volley fire: This is the basic way of shooting as a unit. We throw a whole shitload of lead at whatever is currently unfortunate enough to be in front of us. The command to take aim (level your musket) is ‘present!’ The command to fire is, surprisingly, ‘fire!’ If you were late to the fire command, or if you didn’t know who to shoot at, don’t just pop off randomly, you’ll fuck up your own reload timing and probably get caught moving around with an unloaded weapon. Just wait for the next volley. If you haven’t been told otherwise, assume we are doing volley fire, and that you should immediately begin reloading after firing, but hold your fire when you finish loading.

Independent fire: AKA fire-at-will, pick your targets and fire at your pleasure. Stop doing so immediately when you are told to ‘cease-fire,’ resist the temptation to sneak in one more shot since when you get stopped in the middle of shooting it’s usually because we need to get the hell out of Dodge and you probably want to be bombed up when we do.

Fire-by-file: A rolling fire, which effectively turns the unit into a gigantic machine gun made out of meat. It can be initiated from either the left or the right, but typically will start on the right. On the command ‘from the right/left, commence firing,’ the starting file will present and fire, and then begin reloading. When they finish their reload, they should wait a couple of seconds and then present and fire again. If you aren’t the starting file, you are watching to your left or right (depending on which side the fire started) for the person next to you to fire. When the person next to you fires (that is, the musket goes bang) present and fire. Don’t even start leveling your musket until the guy next to you fires. If you do, you fuck up the timing for the whole line. After you fire, reload and again wait for the guy next to you to fire. This whole sequence repeats until a ‘cease-fire’ is given, at which point you should immediately stop shooting.

Fire-by-rank: Any fire method can be given to a specific rank. For example, the front rank could be ordered to fire a volley, and then the rear rank could be ordered to volley separately. This allows a rolling fire similar to fire-by-file, but more dangerous at closer range. Different ranks can also be given different firing orders, although it is unlikely to occur outside of strange circumstances. This is most useful in 3 ranks.

An important note about multiple ranks:
When we have multiple ranks, we run into the issue of having dudes in front of dudes who are trying to shoot. This can quickly lead to disaster. To avoid said disaster, follow these simple steps:
When you are in the rearmost rank, on the command ‘present,’ take a half-step to your right. You should be aiming between the two guys in front of you, which is distinctly different to aiming at the back of the head of the dude in front of you.
When you are in the frontmost rank, and we are in THREE ranks, (and ONLY when we are in three ranks), on the command ‘present’ you will also crouch. Remain crouched until you are told to stand again.
Sometimes when we are in two ranks, the front rank will be instructed to kneel. This is not the same as above. In three ranks, there is literally no way for the front rank to avoid getting buddyfucked by the rear rank, so they have to crouch.


When you get told to charge, try to keep some sort of formation for as long as you can: it will give you a distinct advantage when you and 3 of your goon buddies run into 1 dirty frenchman who came running forward for glory. Other than that, just try as hard as you possibly can to not die, and try even harder than that to not kill friendlies. Keep fighting and killing until you are told otherwise. If you get told to disengage or stop chasing, do so as soon as possible.

I’m garbage at melee, but if someone wants to write up some sort of guide to get stuck here, be my guest.

Closing comments

Just use your goddamn head, when you get told to do something, do it to the best of your ability. Remember that no battle plan survives contact with the enemy, so be prepared to participate in some improv.



Q: OH FUUUUUUUUUUUU everything looks broken as shit!

A: Calm down. Chances are your download on STEAM is corrupted or you haven’t downloaded the latest update/version for Warband and NW if you don’t own it on STEAM. I suggest reinstalling it fixes this stuff.

Q: Godammit it won’t let me connect to a server! keeps kicking me back into the main menu a second after I do get in!

A: Welp, you got the dumb connection bug that arrived with the latest update. Congratulations. I want to punch the developers in the balls for this one too. You can only beat this by repeated attempts on getting on a server. Add whatever server you want to your favourites and just keep trying getting in.

Q: I go to the multiplayer browser, and it says there’s over 500 servers, but I can only see 20. What gives? MAKE THIS PIECE OF SHIT WORK!

A: OK. I’m going to assume you’ve forwarded port 7240 and 7241 on UDP/TCP. This increased my results from about 15 to thirty, so try it first.

In Users > <username> > Documents > Mount&Blade Warband is a file called “rgl_config.txt” Open it. Scroll down or ctrl+F and search for the setting “max_number_of_connections = #” Mine was set at 16 at default. Now, I lowered mine to 3, and VOILA I can currently load around 200-300 multiplayer games. I have no idea what the magic number will be for everyone else, but I got the best results with three. ALWAYS GO LOWER. Going higher for me just got me worse results.

Q: Ugh, why is it so sloooooooow?

A: Because it’s shit. You’re only allowing three connections at a time, so, yes, it’s going to take upwards of five to ten minutes to populate the server browser. Go make a sandwich or something. At least now you have a better chance of being able to do a line battle.

Q: Sometimes in mid game it briefly freezes and repeats two frames back and forth!

A: That stutter means your computer can’t really handle the heavy graphic settings you have the DLC set too. Turn some things down and some of the bling like HDR right off. Also, update your graphics drivers too.

Holy fuck that kill feed what is this 1995?!

Somebody obviously didn’t notice that in testing, at the moment we’ve got a goon made mod to deal with that.

Ra-amun posted:

Got a little tweak if you don’t like the size of the kill feed. Just open up font_data.xml located in the Data folder in your Warband directory and find the following at the top of the file.

<FontData width="2048" height="1024" padding="10" font_size="120" font_scale="100" line_spacing="70">

Tweak font_size and line_spacing. The settings above make it look like this:

It is a bit harder to make out some of the things in chat. I’m sure you can mess around with it to your liking though. Also parts of the UI doesn’t scale but it shouldn’t really break anything. I haven’t played around with it a ton so make sure to keep a backup just in case.

Weapon And Class Statistics!

Musket-Shooting (Ex. used: russian musket 1808)
Accuracy: 75
Speed: 23
Shot speed: 250
Damage: 100 Piercing

Musket-Melee (Ex. used: French cav pistol)
Speed: 78
Length: 153
Damage: 45 Piercing

Pistol (Ex. used: russian musket 1808)
Accuracy: 25
Speed: 32
Shot speed: 250
Damage: 70 Piercing

Rifle-Shooting (Ex. used: russian rifle 1805)
Accuracy: 87
Speed: 18
Shot speed: 250
Damage: 100 Piercing

Rifle-Melee (Ex. used: russian rifle 1805)
Speed: 78
Length: 74
Damage: 28/24 Blunt (Swing/Thrust)

Cavalry Musket-Shooting (Ex. used: French dragoon musket)
Accuracy: 75
Speed: 25
Shot speed: 250
Damage: 100 Piercing

Cavalry Musket-Melee (Ex. used: French dragoon musket)
Speed: 80
Length: 76
Damage: 20/12 Blunt (Swing/Thrust)

Musketoon-Shooting (Ex. used: russian gusarskiy karabin)
Accuracy: 54
Speed: 18
Shot speed: 180
Damage: 70 Piercing

Musketoon-Melee (Ex. used: russian gusarskiy karabin)
Speed: 80
Length: 58
Damage: 20/12 Blunt (Swing/Thrust)

Sabre Briquet (Ex. used: French Briquet de la garde)
Speed: 95
Length: 77
Damage: 20/18 Cut/Piercing (Swing/Thrust)

Officer sabre (Ex. used: Imperial Guard Officer Sabre)
Speed: 95
Length: 97
Damage: 29/25 Cut/Piercing (Swing/Thrust)

Light Cavalry sabre (Ex. used: French Light cavalry sabre)
Speed: 93
Length: 100
Damage: 30/26 Cut/Piercing (Swing/Thrust)

Heavy Cavalry sabre (Ex. used: French Heavy cavalry sabre)
Speed: 91
Length: 110
Damage: 33/28 Cut/Piercing (Swing/Thrust)

Swords in general have a slight variation between factions.

Ranks and what they do:

Each Regiment has a rank structure that gives you a different model and weaponry/equipment set. Some of the equipment provides buffs all listed below.

Basic grunt, weapon is usually Musket with bayonet with ammo box of 30 cartridges and sabre briquet/short sword depending on the army and regiment selected.

Armed with cutlass if Prussian/French/Russian/British and the colors or a color lance if your cavalry. Ensigns give out the reload time buffs. Limited either to 2 a regiment or unlimited depending on server settings.

Flintlock pistol with eight cartridges and a broadsword as well as the vital telescope for spotting. Captains give all their men accuracy buffs. Limited either to 2 a regiment or unlimited depending on server settings.

Musician AKA Drummer/Flautist/Bugler/Cornet player/Bagpiper:
Cutlass and your instrument to play on the battlefield. Skirmishers and Cav get silly war trumpets! (Bugles/cornets). Musicians have buffs with their instruments that give melee bonuses to line and speed movement bonuses to cav and light infantry. Limited either to 2 a regiment or unlimited depending on server settings.

draGoon Social Anathema did some digging about with the stats and bonuses of each regiment and rank gets and the results are quite interested to read.

So I did some digging in the troops.txt after trying to figure out how all the regiments differ in terms of troop stats, and I found a few interesting facts.

Infantry officers and musicians are statistically worst than rankers except for thirty points in 1h weapons, usually. This really shows when the 95th Rifles NCO has only has 50 points in gun skill compared to a rifle ranker’s 206 (and explains why I couldn’t hit shit when I was playing a NCO.) This is NOT the case with Cavalry officers and musicians, however, who are just as good as the rankers at fighting. Long story short, if you want to actually fight on foot, pick a ranker. If you want to stand around and yell at people/play amazing grace to buff people, pick a musician.

Foot Guards are basically the same as Line Infantry, except they have a 15 point edge in bayonet fighting. The Black Watch have 500 skill in two handed, which I assume is a Braveheart joke. I think you can try stealing a sapper axe though.

Light Infantry and Rifle regiments have a gun skill of 206, but they suffer heavily in melee. I can’t figure out how they run fast, as they share the same athletics score as everyone else, but I think do somehow run faster and it’s not just me.

Hussars have the best one handed sword skill in the game at 150, however, they use light horses which kind of go down like paper.

Lancers are the only cavalry with polearm skill, but the rankers are pretty bad at using their swords with a one handed skill of 50. The officers have a one handed skill of 130 though, so no worries there.

Dragoons (The kind that actually carry guns, not unarmored heavy cavalry like the Brits’ non-light dragoons) are all rounders, having 110 in one handed, and 125 in shooting, but they have one less point in riding compared to all the other cavalry.

I can’t tell the advantage of unarmored heavy cavalry like the British Dragoons and Horse Guards, but I think they have the heavy cavalry sabers and heavy horses to make up for it. They have 130 in one handed, so they’re slightly worse hussars with more health I guess?

Cuirassiers (as in, the guys who are armored heavy cavalry) have four points in iron flesh to represent their armor as well as have heavy horses and sabers.

The Armoury: A Basic Guide To The Guns And Tools Of NW

Muskets, Flintlock Pistols and Bayonets:


In the Napoleonic era the main weapon of any army was the musket, as it provides perfect balance between melee and ranged combat.
Muskets provide a decently accurate shot on range and are equipped with a deadly bayonet for when the fight gets personal.

Muskets in the DLC are pretty much the king of this battlefield. The bayonet mounted on them is as lethal as the ball you fire and will instant kill most of the time depending where you aim at. Musket balls when fired have a percentage of missing randomly the longer the shot. The Reload time is around 10 seconds from firing which can be shorted slightly by a buff. If your interrupted halfway through a reload you will continue it when you return to it. Musket ammunition us usually thirty cartridges.

Cav and light infantry will have the option of a cav musket with is essential without bayonet but has a second knocked off of its reloading time.

Bayonets attached to the end of your musket can only attack in thrusts, the overhead attack being slower but powerful enough to one hit kill if timed right.

Flintlock Pistols are Officer sidearms and are notoriously inaccurate and best used for close range engagements before closing in. They have the ammunition of eight musket balls.

Short swords, sabers and broadswords:

vzyd6vmhu3qhThe gentleman’s way of warfare, swords and sabres always come in handy in the thick mist of cannon and gun smoke. Officers carry swords, riflemen use a shorter blade for self-defense, and cavalrymen slice throats with terrifying sabres.

Sabers, cutlasses and broadswords of the DLC can attack and block in all four directions and are the most flexible thing to wield if you like to fight in melee. Sabers are usually issued to mounted cav and are the only swords limited to slash attacks with no thrusts while the officers and heavy cav get the most superior versions of one of mankinds mostly deadly well known weapons.

Like muskets there are many individuals models for the DLCs short swords. Light Infantry and Riflemen as well as Officers, Ensigns and band members are usually armed with swords but sometimes Grenadiers and elite regiments of line and foot may also carry a sword sidearm.


The obvious tool of choice for the Rifleman, is the newly invented musket rifle. With three times the range the default muskets have but with a slightly longer reload time and no bayonet the Rifle is perfect for the ultimate early sniper. Riflemen are usually armed with a short sword for melee defense but if all else fails they can reverse their weapons with X and club a man to death if needs be.



The musketoon is a shorter barreled version of the musket, and served in the roles of a shotgun or carbine. Firing shot in short range cone instead of a musket ball in a line these guns are perfect for the ride by attacks as mounted dragoons or the luckiest weapon a Russian conscript or light infantryman can wield. Obviously no bayonet is included with these little beauties.



Lances are the weapons of choice for taking out enemies in one powerful charge. Ride headlong into an unaware regiment and watch them break at the tip of your lance. Beware of enemies getting too close though, the lance is too unwieldy to be useful if caught up in a close quarters.

You can couch with the lances but you cannon block with them. Anyone can use them and they usually are given to their obvious owners Lancers but switching to a one handed weapon causes them to be dropped. Lances work as long as there is momentum behind them.

Sapper/Pioneer/Engineers Axe

A two handed long reaching axe that Sappers spawn with, can be used for breaking down doors and enemy obstacles quickly as well as the Sappers own.

Other Weaponry

The Russian Partizans are a special regiment of serfs that just dropped whatever they were doing grabbed what they could and fled into the forests before the French Army got there. They are armed with old fashioned pikes, spears, hatchets, long axes, birch tree logs and branches, clubs, table legs, old fuse lock muskets, vodka bottles, scythes, sickles and pitchforks.

Artillery privates ramrods can also be used to defend themselves in melee situations along with their fuse lighters, Sappers shovels work as good killing tools and if all else fails everyone can use their own two hands.

Sapper Hammer and Shovel

The Hammer of the Sapper/Pioneer/Engineer is a handy thing that can be used to build up fortifications on map that can be used as cover, aerial denial or demolitions. The shovel can be used to dig mounds of dirt to use as cover and act as the foundation to a defensive emplacement with the hammers equipment.


The biggest baddest weapons on the battlefield, you may need a crew of two or three to use and spot with them but used correctly they can cause chaos and death in insane amounts. There are several different types of artillery and ammunition in Napoleonic Wars, all but one is exclusive to all armies of the DLC. Most of the artillery is portable by the use of a horse drawn frame players can spawn and ride with.


Field Cannons: These long barreled cannons are most well known on the field, these 9 pounders will do the job firing in a mostly straight line across a flat plain and can fire round shot and canister shot ammunition.


Howitzers: These short barreled cannons fire cannon balls in an arc instead of a straight line good for hitting the enemy hiding behind hills or other defenses. Fires explosive shrapnel and canister.


Mortar: The smallest and least portable of the artillery like the Howitzers they only fire in a arc and have just one type of ammunition but the most deadly. Mortars fire explosive shells that detonate on impact.


Rockets: Only available for the British these rockets are deadly but inaccurate things that can only fly in a straight line at short range before wheeling off course and either exploding harmlessly a mile away into a hill or right into your own guys. Their explosions however shower their targets with deadly shrapnel. Rocket Artillery men have 100 rockets on their person to use at this time.

Swivel guns: Mounted on the window sills of some buildings in maps, these defensive short ranged cannons are loaded with shot and can be destroyed if the window is taken out.

Naval Artillery: Mounted on the walls of the small fort and star fort of the siege maps these things are bigger meaner non mobile longer ranged versions of the field artillery. You can lose them if the wall they rest on is taken down.

Basic Features Guide For New draGoons!

Hey how do I do (this) feature?

To pick a regiment and rank, using this screenshot as an example select one of what you want in the left hand corner regiment wise and the ranks at the bottom of the interface. You can pick cav and specialists like Sappers/Artillery using the tabs at the top. If the text if greyed out that means the server limit has been reached and you must wait or pick something else.

To turn off the meaningless nonsense in the text channels, press escape and find the mute player menu then scroll to the bottom and click the box at the bottom muting all.

To order your bots about in commander mode, the F1 F2 and F3 keys have commands for them.

Pressing X switches you from aiming your musket to preparing your bayonet. It also reverses your musket or rifle to club the enemy if you have no bayonet.

Pressing P takes you directly into 3rd person useful for melee fighting.

The tilde key which can be remapped when held gives you access to free look around the battlefield.

You can crouch with the Z key. You cannot walk however crouching. Said key can be remapped.

The C key unleashes a mighty war cry.

Right clicking once with your musket shoulders it it from the aiming mode.

To brace your bayonet against Cav, fix your bayonet and crouch quickly do not stab or move your bayonet go in 3rd person to see what the unique pose for braced bayonets is.

Press right mouse button to play with the instruments to open the menu and select the track. Click the tick box if you and your fellow goon want to play the same song together as a fancy pants band.

To walk you must press the shift key, press it again to switch back to run mode.

As a Sapper/Pioneer/Engineer you right click with your hammer out to open your build menu. You can build things depending on what build points the server gives you.

To destroy your built defenses smash them with your axe.

Hold down LMB and dig at grassy or muddy ground to create earth works. You can stack your defenses on the earth works.

Dropping weapons and equipment is G.

Hold F if you wish to use the outhouse or piano and hold it again to stop/get off.


Another thing I got from training today: Basically you can use your closed reticule as a sort of ghetto rangefinder. When your target appears smaller than about half of it, it’s basically out of effective range. When it’s bigger than the whole reticule, you can just aim straight at it. For all the ranges in between I’ve had some pretty good success with putting the bottom of the closed reticule at about mid-calf (usually where their boots end). It’s not completely exact but it seems to be a close enough approximation, as generally some of my shots went far while some others went short when I aimed like that. The random dispersion will make a bigger difference than a few minutes of angle up or down.

For illustration, take this shitty picture I made in Paint:


I’m more comfortable fighting in 3rd person but some of these dumb hats are blocking my shiny new reticule!

Worry not my friend, some nice fellow on the official NW forums has removed all plumes and feathers from several line infantry and cav regiments so you can shoot dudes in the faces without being in 1st person like a pro.

Simply download the file here and install! (PS: Keep the file as every update for the DLC will rewrite your files).


Yeah, they lost their charm in five minutes. You can find them in the sounds folder of the Napoleonic Wars module and just delete them or replace them with whatever you want of the same file type. You won’t miss nothing as Admin commands when used/abused spam pink text in the chatbox as a warning.


One of the key features of this DLC is the buffing mechanics introduced in an attempt to keep everyone together and enact some sort vague form of team work on pubbie servers. Musicians, Officers of all Regiments, Generals and Ensigns with their national and regimental flags all provided buffs with the range of 10 meters in the game engine. Below is an example picture of the basic buffs of the infantry.


The yellow one is the officers accuracy buff that beats down on the slight randomisation chance the musket ball has on longer ranges. The blue one is the reloading buff that knocks off a few seconds from the vital reloading time of your old guns. And the red one gives you a nasty edge when engaging in sword or bayonet melee. Light Infantry cornets and Bugles provide a green coloured buff that gives a minor boost to horse and leg speed and the dark purple Artillery Captains buff gives the Artillery ranker an increase in reloading the cannons. The final buff is the general buff which gives a 5% increase to any buffs in his radius. It is a lighter purple one with the hat.

Light Infantry appear to get a speed buff also from a standard.

Capturing the enemy standard will give you and your fellow soldiers that buff. Buffs can stack up the limit of two so you’ll be twice as efficient with two of each buff givers.

UGH THIS CROSSHAIR THOUGH! any alternatives?

Why yes there is. Some guy called PsykoOps modded the UI and cut away most of the stuff around the cross hair making it a minimized expanding and collapsing triangle instead and in my experience this makes shooting dudes with inaccurate guns slightly easier. To install it download the tiny tiny file from here, extract it somewhere, back up the original file for Warband in case you don’t like it and then replace that file with the new one in your Warband textures folder. Congratulations it works.



The factions of Mount And Musket Napoleonic Wars!



Surly and drunk the British Army are the guys in Red, and when not picking on smaller nations without technology are led by men with more money than sense and a man who people oddly enough think invented a boot. Renowned for their impressively silly accents and musketry skills the British Army will stab the enemy to death in between tea breaks and complaining about the government without actually doing nothing about it. Because if they do, the skin is flayed off their backs with flogging huzzah!


Surly and horny the Imperial French are led by a man who seems to be controlled by a large hat and doesn’t actually have a French accent, busy just finishing stabbing their former best buds Spain in the back they currently have decided to invade one of the biggest countries in Europe because they can’t keep a pinky promise. Armed with wimpy beards but impressive mustaches as well as the prettiest Hussars on the continent the French are determined to spread their bizzare liberal-dictatorship over everyone like soft creamed cheese. Favorite color a fetching dark blue!



Surly and angry the Prussian Army contains all the cold emotional German militarism but without a good football team, fresh from being defeated and occupied by Napoleons crew they have spent the last few years defopping their Military with the help of British trade from the Royal Navy and the Russians. Led by the mad Swedish Field Marshal Blücher who thinks an elephant as impregnated him they plan to strike back at the French, like some sort of Empire. Favorite color, Navy blue and black!


Surly and in numbers the Imperial Russian army like the British guys is mostly comprised of convicts sentenced to wearing a uniform for several decades and poor bloody serfs who just like their Germanic-Polish cousins are out for revenge on the French for bitch slapping them hard at Austerlitz and for Napoleon not giving Tsar Alexander back after that hot night in the Winter Palace. Favorite color, a light pea green with hint of French blood. Led by a gritty one eyed old bastard called Kutuzov who doesn’t need any fancy hats.



Bitter and surly, the Austrian ‘Empire’ has been humiliated again and again in the last hundred years. First by the Prussians, then later by the Revolutionary French and Napoleon who crushed the shit out of them at Austerlitz they are desperate and out for revenge. Armed with slightly out of date tactics and an Officer Corp who can’t speak any languages of their eastern European empire and a desire to beat the shit out of Napoleon and anyone who gets in their way not caring how many gaudily dressed soldiers it kills. Favorite color? gold gilt and bright blue.